Starting your career at BSG

We believe in continuous learning and development, which is why we’ve created a Graduate Programme that involves a combination of technical development, EQ mastery and broad-based experiential training – to support your transition into the working environment.

Our approach enables our young professionals to accelerate their careers and,  in turn, create positive change for their clients and themselves.


BSG’s Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

Each graduate entering the BSG family, whether as a consultant or developer, undergoes a 12-month experiential learning-based programme, strategically crafted to ensure that he or she is able to fully explore all the career possibilities available at BSG.

BSG Interns

BSG Internship Programme

Every year, BSG offers IS and CompSci Honours students an internship during their June/July vacation. Our internship programme is designed to support their performance and development over the period, ensuring interns receive optimal value from the working experience.

Undergraduate Analyst Programme

If you are studying towards an undergraduate degree in Commerce or Science (with Information Systems as a major subject) you may apply for an analyst position at BSG.