Ensuring reliability and operational success through a terminal automation system replacement

BSG assisted the South African operation of a top five global oil and gas organisation to replace their end-of-service life terminal automation system (TAS); which supports the gantry equipment at fuel terminals and posed a risk to ongoing operations and safety if not replaced.

  • Implement the new FUEL-FACS+ replacement solution
  • Support operational efficiency and risk mitigation through sustainable systems and processes
  • Define an integrated plan to replace the end-of-service life TAS with the new solution from FUEL-FACS+
  • Manage client teams and third party vendors to complete the implementation activities
  • Enable operational integrity, reliability and stability for the terminal business operations
  • Enabled IT to support the strategic focus of business by providing ongoing seamless terminal operations
  • Enabled reliable and sustainable operations at the client terminals to prevent financial loss and reputational damage
  • Enabled the implementation of more rigorous process controls for the ordering and dispatching processes

Optimising a client’s supply and logistics value chain through a TAS replacement; to align South Africa to
their global operations and international industry standards.

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