Supporting an asset finance lender with a drive for market growth

One of South Africa’s largest asset finance lenders trusted BSG to identify and quantify strategic initiatives to support sustainable differentiation in the used car market. Our collaborative approach resulted in a practical execution roadmap for the initiatives, with an aligned benefit-tracking model.

  • Identify viable market leading growth initiatives
  • Align the initiatives to dealer and market needs
  • Design a financial model to track benefits and evaluate the initiatives
  • Develop a high-level initiative roadmap to guide execution
  • Identify key vehicle asset lender and market trends
  • Understand the dealer and design focused initiatives
  • A clear high-level execution roadmap
  • Create a financial benefits tracking and initiative assessment tool to empower sustainability
  • Clear prioritised set of initiatives for execution
    • A high-level roadmap with execution considerations
    • A financial benefits tracking and initiative assessment tool that supports sustainability

Facilitating a collaborative process through ideation workshops, customer research and financial modelling to ensure clear sustainable initiatives.

Do you need support to ensure compliance with incoming regulation?

Our business consultants are able to prioritize and batch compliance projects to misimise disruption to business as usual, ensuring reduced impact on customer experience.

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