Enabling fact-based decisioning in support of future growth and market opportunities

A South African motor dealership franchise realised that if they want to stay competitive in the growing used car market, they need to be making fact-based decisions regarding their future strategy. BSG partnered with the client to create a roadmap to operationalise their proposed strategy.

  • Determine the way forward for the motor dealership franchise i.e. continue as is, shut down operations or make improvements
  • Understand the financial implications of the decision regards their future strategy
  • Understand how to make the required improvements to execute on the future strategy
  • Outline the market opportunity for the franchise within the used car market in South Africa
  • Formalise the proposed strategy to address this opportunity, starting with a revised value proposition
  • Define an execution roadmap to deliver on the potential growth, including the metrics that will track success
  • Comprehensive client understanding of their market position
  • A decision on the franchise future confidently made utilising facts
  • Operationalised strategy, ready for implementation

BSG identified the challenges impacting the client’s market position and designed a strategy and roadmap, to enable them to make fact-based decisions on the future of the business.

Do you need to use fact-based decisions to operationalise strategy?

Our data analytics consultants have skills and experience driving out data-driven solutions across a range of industries. They are expertly placed to guide you in leveraging your available data to create solutions and operationalise strategy.

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