Providing a bank with best banking practices to competitively position them for the changing local and global credit banking environment

BSG partnered with a prominent South African bank to enable them to take pro-active measures against credit losses, gear up to manage risk and increase their market share by producing intelligence from their data to inform fact-based, value-adding business decisions.

  • Provide a more personalised service to customers, with shorter turnaround times, to remain relevant to customers
  • Retain and grow customers through greater efficiency, auditability and automation in the business banking credit division value chain
  • Assist business in addressing operational challenges by identifying gaps and issues within the current information architecture
  • Define a future state information architecture and roadmap to support information integration across the credit value chain and automate credit scoring and data workflows
  • High-level overview of the current landscape for people, systems, data, processes, workflow and information
  • Design the future conceptual information architecture for people, systems, data, processes, workflow and information
  • Increased Rand value recoveries of outstanding customer debt
  • Reduced turnaround time of key business processes
  • Improved risk accuracy through early identification of high risk clients and predictive remedial solutions for potentially high risk clients
  • Control, traceability and consequent auditability of all business bank credit risk value chain data

Aligning a bank to worldwide best practices by identifying and prioritising operational initiatives to achieve measurable business benefits within six to 18 months.

Do you need support implementing best-practice across your business's operations?

With 20+ years’ experience and in-depth knowledge of operational best-practice across a variety of industries, BSG’s Business Consultants are well-placed to help you implement operational best-practice and position your business as an industry leader.

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