Revolutionising channel operations to provide a single view of a customer across a bank

BSG played a significant role in enhancing the customer experience and effectiveness of a South African bank’s commercial channels by moving the business to a modern, fit-for-purpose customer and portfolio management solution.

  • Single view of the customer to ensure consistent customer experience and improve churn
  • Compliance enhancements to facilitate a single know-your-client (KYC) touchpoint
  • Reduce manual activities and redundant data capture to meet customer needs quicker and ensure faster turnaround times
  • Speedily deliver value through a new customer and portfolio management platform
  • Create a single platform for managing and updating customer information, strategy, contacts, cases and opportunities
  • Synchronise master data with minimum disruption to current processes and systems landscape
  • Migration of commercial banking customer data from current state applications to target state applications
  • Improve portfolio management and reporting at customer level, suite level and business level
  • Sales process simplified from five to three days
  • Faster access to pricing and billing through customer-centric view
  • Better visibility of the sales pipeline ensuring correct support to convert opportunities
  • Reduced cost of maintenance of compliance status for a customer
  • Improved understanding of total risk to the bank for customer groups and related entities
creating a single view of a bank's customers

Providing a unified view of a customer by implementing a customer and portfolio management solution, thereby improving the banking experience for customers through a more streamlined approach to business banking and indirectly playing an active role in the economic development of South Africa.

Do you need a single-view of your customers?

BSG can help you make the technology decisions required to enable a single-view of your customers with confidence, and we can design the roadmap to implementation success.

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