Creating efficiencies by driving consistency across a bank’s African operations

By partnering with BSG, a leading South African retail bank could significantly enhance their customer experience by establishing a single-view target operating model (TOM) for their home loans business across Africa.

  • Consistent and improved efficiencies across their African home loans business, to assist in driving the strategy to unify global operations
  • A single-view TOM to integrate and transform current operations for home loans across Africa
  • A partner to define, develop and execute the TOM
  • Standardise processes, products and channels to drive an enhanced customer experience
  • Develop a single-view regional TOM to allow for functional alignment between the bank’s African operations and its global head office
  • Rationalise and collapse management spans and layers (where necessary), while pursuing right-shoring and consolidation opportunities
  • Standardisation of processes, products and channels leading to improved turnaround times and increased transactional volumes
  • Reduction of waste from unnecessary management spans and layers
  • Improved governance and controls resulting in reduced losses associated with fraud
Creating efficiencies by driving consistency across a banks African operations

Improving customer experience through the creation of a single-view TOM for the African home loans operations of a South African retail bank.

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