Consulting: Lead / Senior Consultant – User & Customer Experience

There are opportunities at BSG to join a collaborative, engaged and passionate User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) design team. We are looking for colleagues that share our conviction that customer-centric design significantly improves people’s lives, and creates sustained competitive advantage. If you are inspired by solutions that empower positive change, and have the skills and tenacity to contribute and grow towards their achievement, then you will love it here!

Main Purpose of the Role:

To lead the delivery of UX & CX design on BSG engagements, integrating with multi-disciplinary and agile teams in order to ensure customer centric and fact-based client solutions. To synergise business, technology and user / customer perspectives. Leading the design of customer journeys that support customer centric business capability design. Leading the information architecture, structural and detailed page design of innovative solutions, across devices and technologies.


Relevant tertiary degree e.g. BBusSci or BCom Information Systems/Informatics; Cognitive Psychology / HCI
Relevant certification in User Experience Design is desirable

Job Objectives:

  • Plan the effort: Define how projects, tasks and teams need to look and work in order to achieve objectives.
  • Uncover the big picture: Engage with all levels of stakeholders across technology and business.
  • Empathise with the user / customer: Uncover their needs, values and understand how they think, feel and behave.
  • Model the ecosystem: Synthesise how everything works together – people, systems, information, environments, devices etc. Find opportunities for significant, sustained, positive change.
  • Create sources of qualitative and quantitative insight: Employ expert judgement supported by facts.
  • Convey understanding to the broader team: Use artefacts such as personas, journeys, empathy maps, emotional schemas and task models. Help them draw customer centricity into all the deliverables of the project.
  • Shape change at the strategic and conceptual level: Transform businesses and domains towards competitive advantage.
  • Design the structure: Pull together the high-level elements, such as the information architecture, templates, navigational model and content offering.
  • Make it real: Work closely with traditional and agile implementation teams, to create detailed designs of services, capabilities and applications that translate insights and strategies into implementation.
  • Prove that it has been done right: Create metrics and measures and track them with sources such as usability testing, dashboards, scorecards and expert reviews.
  • Manage your team and people: Not only to reach targets, but to grow and inspire themselves and others.
  • Help us build this capability into everything it can be: Shape improvement through internal learnings and and being abreast of global trends and innovations.


  • Work experience as a UX and/or CX professional, across a range of customer, domain and technology landscapes.
  • UX & CX research, strategy, innovation, design and evaluation.
  • UX tools such as Balsamiq, Axure and Morae.
  • Leading teams within a project environment, using standard project management practices.


  • System development methodologies and an understanding of the project/system lifecycle, traditional and agile.
  • Understanding of the psychology of usability, experience, emotion and motivation.
  • Direct and indirect human centred research methods (e.g. contextual inquiry, ethnographic studies, emotion and motivation research, web analysis, surveys, call log analysis etc.)
  • Design methods and best practices (e.g. journey, information architecture, interaction, visual, content etc.) across structure and page level, and across technologies.
  • UX & CX evaluation methods (e.g. usability testing, dashboards and scorecards, cognitive walkthroughs etc.)
  • Foundational knowledge of business analysis and process, information and technology modelling methods.
  • Project planning, estimation and management techniques (e.g. PRINCE2).
  • People management practices.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Create powerful UX & CX deliverables that inspire people to approach problems from a customer centric viewpoint.
  • Collaborate effectively with people, both individuals and teams, across broad skills and levels.
  • Dynamically adjust plans and approaches to meet varied client environments.
  • Delight in solving problems of all sizes and natures, whether they are setting strategic direction, or selecting the right label for a field.
  • Visualise information and design to convey it appropriately. Create wireframes, prototypes, diagrams, journeys etc.
  • Be both a leader and a supervisor when needed. Inspire and direct results.
  • Imbue professionalism and a keen sense of quality, delivery and customer relationship management.
  • Manage change, in perspectives, abilities and capabilities regarding customer centric design.

Key Performance Areas:

  • Client relationship management and satisfaction
  • Quality of the planning and execution of UX & CX practices
  • Quality of design solutions
  • Working in teams effectively
  • Managing people effectively

Please note: When applying for this role carefully consider the minimum requirements

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