Our Audacious Goals

The audacious ways we aim to be the difference over the coming years

Make a difference in the lives of others
Bring about positive change for 100 million people over the next 10 years, in terms of end users and customers positively impacted by Professional Services and Business Services
Help business leaders solve their most important problems across a range of industries
Create positive change in the lives of 10m of our clients' customers, across at least four different industries
Renowned for innovation as an industry leading technology solution company
Create career significance
1. Average BSG tenure of 5 years by 2021 (2000 years of aggregated BSG experience in workforce by 2021), in addition to overall career tenure
2. Diversity goals (BB-BEE Level 2 SA)
Make a difference through education
Spend at least R10m or 2.5% of net profit before tax (whichever is higher) on social upliftment projects (at least 50% should be spent in South Africa, and at least 75% must be spent in Africa)
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