Our People Value Proposition

The BSG difference lies in our people, in their commitment to creating a culture of excellence, innovation and growth.

We create career significance in an open, empathetic and collaborative environment where continuous learning and autonomous leadership are encouraged. At BSG, the combination of IQ and EQ are vital, we look at the whole person (the head, hands and heart). We support a growth mind-set, where effort is valued, challenge is invited, and reflective learning and feedback are vital.

Empowered Leadership

Career facilitation, rather than line-management, ensures our people can shape their own careers in a dynamic, supportive environment.

Continuous Learning

We develop our people through coaching, mentoring, and focused learning programmes, designed to create personal, professional and team mastery.

Culture of Excellence

Through regular, incremental performance and growth conversations, our people receive ongoing feedback and career guidance from across the ecosystem.

Challenging Work Environment

Our people are high-achievers and critical problem solvers, who thrive on making a difference in demanding and challenging environments.


When we recruit candidates into the BSG team, we are passionate about ensuring, not only a skills-fit, but also a values-fit. Our people are practical, empathetic, collaborative, knowledgeable, open and quality-delivery focused. This translates in a number of ways:

  • We collaborate across teams
  • We are open, honest and act with integrity
  • We are practical and joyful in getting things done
  • We are empathetic to diverse perspectives
  • We contribute knowledge
  • We deliver quality

At BSG, it’s a two-way process: you select us and we select you

People are at the heart of our business and so, we not only look at hard skills, we also place great emphasis on the candidate’s ability to interact with others.

BSG attracts top talent from diverse backgrounds, who resonate with the fact BSG is locally-founded and has a proven investment in South Africa’s success. Working collaboratively with clients in teams, based on an authentic growth mind-set, together with our more than 25 years’ experience, allows BSG to use common sense to simply get the job done.

If you want to be part of an organisation that values individual contribution and is passionate about being a proactive force for positive change, join us!

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