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Supply chain logistics have been disrupted and impacted due to various recent global events. Creating agility, visibility and predictability is at the heart of creating sustainable business models in a complex global market. Our BSG team is geared to help design and implement strategies to support you.

We help clients in Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas. Supply chain disruptions, impacting production, inventory and meeting demand are some of the key issues business leaders face. Our approach is to enhance your core capabilities to develop robust, agile strategies to meet your corporate strategic objectives. We are a proactive force for positive change and work alongside our clients’ teams to ensure that they are skilled and able to operate in new and effective ways.

We help create effective strategies to support the long-term sustainability of mining operations. We do this by developing Data Insights to support strategic exploration and mining of rare/green earth minerals will power our future, green energy requirements.

We create impactful ESG strategies to simultaneously support operating models aligned with efficiency and cost optimisation. Leveraging technology and process automation ensures high standards for Health and Safety. 

Leveraging our industry expertise, combined with our proven approach, we help you to unlock revenue potential, create optimised operating models, improve customer, and employee experiences.

Our Engagement Values and Principles


Our pragmatic approach and experience is based on solving similar challenges in South Africa.


We integrate our findings continuously, which means insights can be identified early.

Continuous Learning

We use these insights to continuously learn, ensuring the plan remains relevant and pragmatic.


We make clear progress and agree any specific adjustments openly and with joint accountability.


We work with you and your people to build sustainable, long-term capability, tailored to your context.

We build great solutions, and to do this, we have people with industry-leading expertise. 

Insight-led Experience and Thought Leadership

Insight Led Financial Distress Prediction

BSG worked with a leading South African health insurer to improve member and provider experiences and accelerate self-service solutions through an insight-led, customer-centric approach.

Insight Led Business Transformation Office

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The project aligned multiple projects, initiatives and benefits, delivering outcomes and driving business strategy, creating continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

Insight Led Enterprise Change

In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly cost-conscious. Each year, millions of Rands are wasted through operational inefficiencies, often resulting in poor customer experiences. A practical way to address this is to use available data to extract insights and use these insights to improve business operations intelligently.

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