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defining and delivering a modern data strategy 1

Defining and delivering a modern data strategy

From business strategy to tangible value from advanced insights on a modern data platform. In partnership with AWS, BSG and Momentum Investments, designed and delivered a state-of-the-art data mesh platform architecture tailored for the financial services sector.

Ensuring a successful data privacy journey

BSG supported a leading global oil and gas provider to compliance of its South African operations with local and international data privacy regulations, whilst applying a user-centric approach.

ensuring a successful data privacy journey
Insight-led Claim Rejection Trend Prediction Abridged

Using Intelligent Automation to improve accuracy and reduce waste

BSG assisted a leading South African hospital group optimise their billing processes using machine learning to identify and resolve billing issues before submitting for payment.

Optimising premium services, using insight

BSG partnered with a leading South African digital bank to delight its most prized customers with digital-first premium service offerings.

premium servicing optimisation abridged
debt collections dashboard abridged

Saving time and money, while improving efficiency by taking an insight-led approach to debt collections

BSG helped a leading healthcare provider unlock millions of Rands in untapped revenue through daily classification and prioritisation of debt collection cases, resulting in improved debtors’ days and debt collection efficiency.

Using machine learning to triage patients into risk categories

BSG helped a national renal care provider support their annual funder negotiations by generating a novel reimbursement model and a machine learning algorithm that triaged patients into high-level risk categories.

using machine learning to triage patients abridged
cloud compliance abridged

Navigating compliance in cloud transformation programmes

BSG helped the vehicle asset finance business of a leading African Bank ensure uninterrupted adherence to regulatory requirements throughout the cloud implementation of one of its core systems.

Streamlining customer communication and transaction categorisation relating to cross-border payments

BSG helped a leading African bank streamline its international payments allocations and subsequent customer communications using data, machine learning and robotic process automation.

cross border payment allocations abridged
Cross-border payments dashboards

Enabling customer-centric operations using existing data

BSG helped a leading African bank implement a solution to enable key decision-making in the global flow of international payments across its operations. By providing a consolidated view of existing data, the solution enables informed decision-making and customer-centric operations.

Helping a leading African bank negotiate a R1bn+ deal with a global cloud provider

BSG supported a leading African bank with establishing a strategic cloud enterprise agreement and vendor partnership model, through structured delivery management and coordination of the negotiations and business case processes

Cloud Partnership Abridged
Insight-led Claim Rejection Trend Prediction Abridged

Using data to identify significant shifts in claims payment behaviour

BSG helped a leading hospital group save millions by enabling proactive identification of claims processing trends, resulting in early identification and resolution of issues.

A practical toolbox for decommissioning legacy systems

As part of a large modernisation programme, BSG supported a leading African bank by creating a practical toolbox to enable effective strategic decommissioning of legacy applications and infrastructure in parallel with cloud implementation plans. 

Legacy System Decommissioning Abridged
Digital First Customer Experience Abridged

Enabling a seamless digital-first customer service experience for corporate banking customers

BSG partnered with a leading South African corporate bank to define requirements for implementation of a Virtual Assistant (VA) self-service solution

Migrating a core banking platform to the cloud using AWS best-practice

BSG supported a leading South African retail and corporate bank in migrating the first of its core banking systems to the cloud as part of its strategic modernisation journey.

AWS Cloud Migration Of Core Banking Platform BSG Abridged

Keeping the customer at the heart of digital transformation

BSG assisted a large South African bank to strengthen its digital presence by implementing an integrated back-end solution with advanced analytics to establish an enterprise-wide notification capability, improving the digital customer journey, security and overall customer experience.

Unlocking value through Business Transformation

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The objective was to align multiple projects, initiatives and benefits to deliver outcomes and drive business strategy. This in turn creates continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

Inside-out and Outside-in: Unlocking operational efficiency and improving customer service

BSG worked with a leading South African health insurer to improve member and provider experiences and accelerate self-service solutions through an insight-led, customer-centric approach.

Enabling insight-led, patient-centric decision-making through cloud technology

BSG partnered with a leading South African hospital group in implementing a cloud technology platform that will enable them to leverage existing data more strategically and effectively.

Cloud implementation

Aligning strategic Business and IT initiatives to positively impact dealer and consumer experiences

Drawing on insurance and retail industry experience, BSG helped a leading global oil and gas provider to streamline its franchisee and retail customer experiences by aligning the strategic Business and IT initiatives of its South African business and ensure they are on track to meet their global revenue growth targets.

Improving customer offers through data engineering and agile cross-team collaboration

BSG supported the data science team at a major bank in consolidating diverse datasets for improving the bank’s product recommendation algorithm. Combining better data engineering with agile ways of working, BSG made recommendations, which could boost the product recommendation team’s performance and promote collaboration between discrete product houses. The outcomes included lowered costs, increased revenue, better customer retention and improved strategy.

improving customer offers though data engineering and agile cross team collaboration
enabling cost saving through data

Taking a data-led approach to predict high-risk cases and prioritise action within the claims’ management process

BSG helped a leading healthcare provider to be in a position to save millions of Rands each month by making data-led decisions, enabling better prioritisation of action and reduction of claims-related issues

Leading disruption with mobile-first transactional banking fit for the digital future

BSG supported the transactional banking arm of an insurance provider to accelerate their journey to becoming an industry disruptor. Combining regulatory requirements with innovative solutions that improve customer experience, BSG guided several initiatives that support in the development of a new product; a fully functional digital bank account.

debit order payment collection compliance

Improving debit order payment collection to increase customer satisfaction and trust in the client institution

BSG supported a South African asset finance house by analysing and redesigning their existing payment solution in order to comply with the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) early collection and account tracking requirements.

Pioneering a data-led approach to managing regulatory, legislative and compliance risks

Leveraging existing client and industry data to create a view that closes compliance gaps, and mitigates major financial and reputational risks.

Implementing a CRM solution to improve customer experience

BSG partnered with a bank to successfully roll out a CRM solution for their retail banking division, providing a consolidated view of customers, that drastically enhanced the customer experience.

Powering large-scale digital transformation in the vehicle and asset finance industry

BSG supported a leading South African vehicle and asset finance company to design and implement an innovative, transparent online vehicle finance application tool using Agile methodology, increasing the number of successful vehicle credit applications and acting as a proof-of-concept for organisation-wide digital transformation.

Unlocking marketing’s competitive edge through behavioural market segmentation

BSG worked with a leading South African hospitality group enabling them to better understand their customers’ behavioural patterns, to enhance marketing offerings and drive increased online bookings.

Ensuring effective roll-out of a Sanctions Programme for the African operations of a leading Global Bank

BSG combined stakeholder management practices with change management to ensure the successful roll-out of a Sanctions Programme for the Emerging Market operations of a leading global banking group.

stakeholder management ensures the successful roll-out of a sanctions programme for a leading global bank

Harnessing news media insights to identify valuable business opportunities 

BSG empowered the client management staff of a corporate bank to get enhanced business insights from quality news articles on a near real-time basis. These valuable insights cut through the information overload and gave them a competitive advantage to capitalise on potential business opportunities, tailored and prioritised according to market sentiment and sector performance.

Leveraging technology to transform banking deal and transaction support services

BSG supported the corporate investment division of a large South African bank to drive transformation of deal processing via a cutting edge technology stack that provides automation opportunities, improved case, contracts and document management capabilities.

Powering digital transformation for legal services in banking

BSG drove digital transformation of legal services for a large South African bank by implementing an integrated enabling technology stack, reducing risk, enhancing data integrity and security and ensuring business continuity.

Creating structures and developing skills aligned to transforming business for a digital future

BSG partnered with the IT leadership of the world’s largest producer of synthetic fuels to define an analysis structure that enables delivery and cultivates agility and continuous learning with their business analysis execution staff.

Aligning business needs to strategy to create digital transformation in the insurance industry

BSG supported an established short-term insurer to align their operational claims needs with their business strategy, positioning them to successfully deliver a new claims workflow system.

Driving the acquisition and retention of SME customers to unlock potential revenue growth of 12% in the segment

BSG assisted a leading South African vehicle and asset finance lender to explicitly target small and medium enterprise (SME) customers using a data- and client-led approach, rapidly elevating value realisation via strategic, data-driven customer segmentation and value proposition design for the SME market.

BSG Case Study: Customer Segmentation for a leading vehicle asset finance house

Driving innovative solutions from within a leading investment bank

BSG assisted a leading South African investment, advisory and corporate banking company to develop the capabilities of their internal disruption unit to allow them to create, test and implement a range of innovative solutions to transform the experience of their customers.

De-risking access control through Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

BSG assisted a leading local insurance company to modernise, structure and simplify legacy role entitlements which span over 1000 access profiles and successfully migrated these to a cloud-based IAM target system. Reducing costs, mitigating risk and maturing both governance and compliance processes.

Understanding customer switching behaviour in the banking environment to actively drive growth

BSG helped a leading South African bank to understand what motivates customers to switch from their primary bank to another. BSG developed insights and helped define the strategic direction for switching as part of the bank’s overall customer onboarding experience.

Maximising the competitive advantage gained from a holistic enterprise architecture refresh

Revealing the costs, risks and benefits of transformation, enabling an iterative, value-driven approach which mitigated risk and maximised business value.

anti-money laundering compliance aml

Implementing FIC compliant anti-money laundering software for a bank

BSG assisted a large South African bank to comply with the new Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) Amendment Bill by implementing goAML, an integrated anti-money laundering (AML) reporting platform which combats terrorist financing to ensure the security and stability of the bank and South Africa’s financial system.

Empowering the local arm of a global asset finance lender with a solutions roadmap for compliant flow of personal information

BSG supported the creation of a solutions roadmap to safely handle personal information in line with POPI, reducing risk and maximising customer confidence.

roadmap for compliant flow of personal information POPI

Using data science to provide actionable insights for the financial behaviour of bank customers

BSG worked with a leading South African bank to assist them to better understand their customers’ financial behaviour and spending patterns, to drive opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.

Assessing a retailer’s CRM investment and journey to gear up for the digital future

BSG assisted a leading retailer to understand whether their CRM systems are supporting the original vision for their customer transformation programme and are ready to enable the digital, personalised future of customer interactions across all channels.

Bsg Early Warning System Predict Financial Distress

Early warning system reveals financial distress 5 months earlier than normal

BSG worked with a South African bank on a system to enable prediction of financial distress up to five months earlier using machine learning, integrated with a data pipeline, built on a big data stack.

Supporting an asset finance lender with a drive for market growth

One of South Africa’s largest asset finance lenders trusted BSG to identify and quantify strategic initiatives to support sustainable differentiation in the used car market. Our collaborative approach resulted in a practical execution roadmap for the initiatives, with an aligned benefit-tracking model.

Ensuring reliability and operational success through a terminal automation system replacement

BSG assisted the South African operation of a top five global oil and gas organisation to replace their end-of-service life terminal automation system (TAS). This system supports the gantry equipment at fuel terminals and posed a risk to ongoing operations and safety if not replaced.

Combating debit order abuse by defining requirements to implement Authenticated Collections

BSG partnered with a leading South African provider of motor vehicle and business finance to define requirements for implementation of the new Authenticated Collections (AC) payment method.

authenticated collections combatting debit order abuse compliance
popi compliance

Building a competitive advantage through POPI compliance and minimising the risk of data loss

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to ensure compliance with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act and enable them to safely handle personal information flowing through the value chain including staff, vendors and customers.

Enabling fact-based decisioning in support of future growth and market opportunities

A South African motor dealership franchise realised that if they want to stay competitive in the growing used car market, they need to be making fact-based decisions regarding their future strategy. BSG partnered with the client to create a roadmap to operationalise their proposed strategy.

Saving lives by analysing data to improve the health and safety of employees

BSG partnered with the South African operation of the world’s largest producer of synthetic fuels to showcase how the client could improve the health and safety of employees and service providers by using historical data to predict and mitigate against future harmful occurrences.

Using advanced analytics to complement business strategy and drive the client’s leadership position

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to illustrate how data and advanced analytics can be used to generate business value. With the rapid increase in the volume and variety of data available to businesses, the client realised they could utilise their data to complement business strategies and position themselves as an industry leader.

customer onboarding

Delivering a differentiated customer onboarding experience

A leading South African financial institution requested BSG’s assistance in designing a customer onboarding strategy to enable new customers to be brought into the organisation in a speedy, efficient and effective manner.

Providing a bank with best banking practices to competitively position them for the changing local and global credit banking environment

BSG partnered with a prominent South African bank to enable them to take pro-active measures against credit losses, gear up to manage risk and increase their market share by producing intelligence from their data to inform fact-based, value-adding business decisions.

Real-time access to customer information to enable better customer experience

BSG assisted a client’s field sales advisors to deliver great service to their customers, increase efficiencies and improve productivity by accessing comprehensive customer and policy information via a mobile app.

Focused delivery on business operation improvements through a trusted partnership with an oil and gas leader

In a partnership spanning more than a decade, BSG has assisted one of the top five global oil and gas organisations to execute on their southern Africa business strategy, by guiding them in adjusting the strategy to meet the specific and unique needs of this region, while assisting the client to adapt to significant events and flows in the business cycle.

Utilising fact-based decisioning to enable business to make the right vendor selection with complete confidence

BSG partnered with a South African corporate and investment bank to run a vendor selection process for the replacement of a core, high-touch order management system (OMS).

Improving operational efficiencies through optimisation and strategy development

BSG partnered with a multinational brewing and beverage company to develop an optimised operating model and accompanying strategy, to enable its IT department to better support business objectives.

Facilitating increased trade for a bank by implementing a trade finance solution to drive growth across Africa

BSG partnered with a prominent financial institution in South Africa to implement a trade finance solution from China Systems, to position the bank as a leader of working capital solutions in Africa and address the competitive challenge from non-African banks, while improving their supply chain finance capability and the client experience.

Supporting strategic growth targets by optimising customer onboarding

BSG combined customer experience design techniques and data analytics to assist a leading South African retail bank to optimise its customer onboarding process in support of strategic goals relating to customer profitability growth.

Architecting IT to enable business success

A leading South African asset finance business trusted BSG to help them transform their IT function to support the needs of an evolving digital business.

Enabling IT to collaborate with business and shape strategy by leveraging the right technology solution

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to empower them to confidently make the appropriate investment to replace a core operating platform, by understanding the technology options available to deliver against current and future business imperatives and allow for longevity of the selection.

Enabling business success through a revised operating model to build careers and transform culture and performance

BSG was trusted by a South African asset finance house to fundamentally shape the future of the organisation, by reviewing their existing business analysis (BA) capability to design the required BA capability and establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Providing a medical aid insurer with the confidence to make a multi-million Rand investment decision

One of South Africa’s largest medical aid insurers trusted BSG to scope, financially motivate and source the replacement of their administration, underwriting and billing systems for their health business. The resultant business case ensured the client’s exco didn’t have to second guess themselves and they approved the request first time, an accolade on the robustness of BSG’s business case.

Delivering a sustainable customer experience strategy

Delivering a sustainable customer experience strategy

Partnering with a South African life insurance and investment company to develop a strategic customer experience capability.

Improving customer experience, creating operational efficiencies and decreasing risk through a core system upgrade

BSG partnered with a leading South African retail bank to develop a rich client application for use in branches to create, maintain and update customer records.

Improving customer experience through a core system upgrade

Ensuring incremental delivery of value by transitioning to an Agile approach

BSG worked with a prominent South African retail bank on a core systems development project to implement Agile development practices, in a traditionally Waterfall and governance-heavy environment.

Creating a common home loan application process for a leading South African bank to reduce turnaround times and improve customer experience

BSG enabled a market share gain in home loans for the client and enhanced the customer experience, through system and process efficiencies resulting from a decrease in handover points and a reduction in home loan turnaround times.

Implementing an operational platform to enable mobile financial services access across Africa

Partnering with one of Africa’s largest mobile network operators to implement a standard, multi-country, scalable platform and operating model to drive business efficiency, risk and control needs.

Utilising fact-based decisioning to drive innovation and enhance customer-centricity

Directing the design process for a mobile application to allow a bank’s customers to track, manage and protect their belongings.

Driving financial inclusion in Africa through a mobile banking solution to give a bank’s customers access to remote banking services

BSG assisted a South African bank to provide their customers in Africa with access to banking services via a mobile app, to give them the freedom to bank without having to travel into a branch.

Combining Agile and UX principles in bespoke software development

BSG applied Agile development and user experience (UX) practices to develop a bespoke system to automate the debt recoveries process at a leading South African retailer.

Making banking accessible and convenient while driving financial inclusion through new ATM service offerings

BSG assisted a leading bank with an African footprint to increase their competitive footing through the deployment of new ATM service offerings by upgrading 390 ATMs in Africa, replacing 13 ATMs and ensuring 573 ATMs meet urgent regulatory requirements by being EMV compliant.

Optimising people effectiveness through the customisation of a unique people engagement platform

BSG partnered with a prominent South African media house to improve employee engagement, internal communication and collaboration – through the creation of a tailored version of MyWorkLife, a BSG-developed people engagement platform – rolled out to all 6 000 users across the enterprise.

Creating efficiencies by driving consistency across a bank’s African operations

By partnering with BSG, a leading South African retail bank could significantly enhance their customer experience by establishing a single-view target operating model (TOM) for their home loans business across Africa.

Revolutionising the processing of medical aid claims to drive customer loyalty and engender trust

A leading South African medical aid insurer trusted BSG to implement a large-scale, high-risk and complex system replacement; allowing for innovation and flexibility while ensuring existing, daily business operations weren’t impacted.

Establishing a new retail bank operating model

BSG partnered with a JSE-listed specialist South African investment and private bank to assist them in launching a new and uniquely distinctive retail bank, to drive a strategic initiative to increase “sticky” deposits to comply with legislative requirements.

Revolutionising channel operations to provide a single view of a customer across a bank

BSG played a significant role in enhancing the customer experience and effectiveness of a South African bank’s commercial channels by moving the business to a modern, fit-for-purpose customer and portfolio management solution.

Branch Delivery Platform Development Abridged

Improving account origination and onboarding through development of a rich client application

BSG worked with a leading South African retail bank to develop a rich client application designed to streamline and enhance the account origination and customer onboarding process, while simplifying the addition of value-added services to accounts.

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