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South Africa's insurance and investment management sector players are redefining their strategies for growth over efficiency. The industry is at a pivotal juncture, where the prioritisation of digital transformation, customer-centric approaches, and robust data management has become crucial. With the rise of Insurtech, local insurers are increasingly leveraging innovative technologies across the enterprise to create new value propositions, enhance service offerings, optimise distribution productivity, and expand into untapped markets across the African continent. 

Amidst this backdrop, the role of CIOs, CDOs, and executive committees is significant. They are steering their organisations through the evolving competitive landscape, characterised by regulatory changes, heightened customer expectations, and the need for agile, resilient business models. Emerging technologies such as AI and advanced uses of cloud technology are not just enablers but critical drivers of digital transformation in areas like health, wealth and investments, life insurance, and corporate benefits.

Our Approach

Our approach is to turn complexity into a competitive advantage, delivering not just technological advancements, but real, measurable business value. Our commitment goes beyond mere technology integration; it's about empowering your teams and fostering a culture brimming with innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. Join us in our quest to blend the best of technology and human ingenuity, creating a future that's not only intelligent but also empathetic and interconnected.

How we can help you


Enhance customer outcomes and experiences with AI-driven applications and products.


Transform your data into strategic assets for effective innovation and business results.


Navigate digital transformation with expert guidance, to focus your journey.


Modernise and consolidate legacy systems for improved efficiency and agility


Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction with premium digital service solutions.


Improve the effectiveness of distribution partners to offer differentiated advice.


Build scalable, cloud-based AI and Machine Learning capabilities with limited investment.

Other Examples


Tailor insurance products and services to individual customer needs by combining various analytical models with emerging AI abilities.

Data-Driven Organisation

Transform into an enterprise where decision-making is powered by insightful, real-time data analysis from trusted and accessible data.

Intelligent Productivity

Implement AI and machine learning to automate processes, boosting operational efficiency and accuracy.

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Guide comprehensive digital change across your organisation, cohesively enhancing operations and customer engagement.


Upgrade legacy systems with modern, flexible solutions that support innovation and adapt to market changes.

We build great solutions, and to do this, we have people with industry-leading expertise. 

Insight-led Experience and Thought Leadership

Insight Led Financial Distress Prediction

BSG worked with a leading South African health insurer to improve member and provider experiences and accelerate self-service solutions through an insight-led, customer-centric approach.

Insight Led Business Transformation Office

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The project aligned multiple projects, initiatives and benefits, delivering outcomes and driving business strategy, creating continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

Insight Led Enterprise Change

In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly cost-conscious. Each year, millions of Rands are wasted through operational inefficiencies, often resulting in poor customer experiences. A practical way to address this is to use available data to extract insights and use these insights to improve business operations intelligently.

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