Jurie Schoeman Named BSG Managing Partner

Leadership – BSG appoints Jurie Schoeman as managing partner, as the company looks to scale up its operations. In his new role, Schoeman will be responsible for executing BSG’s strategic growth plans in collaboration with BSG’s partners and leadership team.


Mteto Nyati, BSG Chairman, wins the 2024 Business Leader of the Year Award

Award – Mteto Nyati, Chairman of BSG, has been honoured with The Future Leader Forum’s prestigious Business Leader of the Year Award for 2024 for demonstrating a willingness to share insights with the next generation, achieving significant accomplishments in the relevant leadership category, and becoming a role model to guide the next generation of future leaders.

Mteto Nyati, BSG Chairman, wins the 2024 Business Leader of the Year Award

New co-owner at BSG, Mteto Nyati

Investment – BSG, the 25-year old South African business and technology consulting company that has an admirable track record today announced that prominent businessman Mteto Nyati has taken a significant stake in the business.


Are you asking the right questions of your customers?

Tech event – BSG’s Fast Fish Forum looks at combining data with interviews, to provide an organisation with the right approach to help move it forward in terms of understanding the customer to define strategy.


Breaking down organisational silos to create engaging customer experiences

Multi-capability – Customer experience has become an emerging battleground for most organisations, as they seek ways to extract further value from customers. Organisations are unsure of how to find this value and often do not have the time, capacity or skills to understand why their customer value targeting is not reaping results.


How to create engaging customer experiences

Multi-capability – Gary Stocks, head of knowledge at BSG, explains how organisations need to ensure they are delivering an outstanding customer experience across all interactions.  This entails breaking down organisational silos to create seamless internal flow, to allow for great customer experiences.


Could a robot take my job?

Business Analysts – Part of this new thinking requires BAs to enable their organisations to embrace the “innovation by design” approach to find desirable solutions that benefit the end user. By understanding how to match what a person needs with what is technologically feasible, BAs can guide their organisations towards customer value and market opportunities.


Musings of a business analyst: Could a robot take my job?

Business Analysts – This could be one of the most relevant questions of our time, given the rise of automation, driverless cars, drones and smart technology. When viewed from the perspective of a business analyst (BA), there are two contrasting viewpoints. 


Get your data loT ready

Business Analytics – With the proliferation of smart devices in our everyday lives, the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly topical, forcing organisations to look inward and assess how IoT-ready they really are. BSG’s business analytics experts sat down with Ilva Pieterse to discuss just that.


Why you should approach IT like you’re ordering from a menu

IT Strategy – IT is often viewed as necessary to deal with the complex technology no-one else in the business understands. Yet a fundamental shift in thinking is required to understand that IT exists to service internal and external customers. We unpack the notion of creating an IT menu to streamline IT operations.


Fast Fish Forum aims to address digital change in SA

Tech Events – Together with Standard Bank’s group head of engineering, Josef Langerman, BSG is addressing technology and digital change, thereby enabling South Africa to build capability and take a leading role on the continent and beyond. Find out more about the Fast Fish Forum, a quarterly industry forum that brings together IT and business industry leaders.


Ensuring successful governance for agile projects

Project Governance – Traditionally, project governance has been rooted in antiquated, linear practices. However, as more businesses move towards implementing agile methodologies, governance must adjust in order to keep up with more fluid approaches, we outline a few critical factors in agile project governance success.


Why IT should be focusing on delivering a great customer experience

IT Strategy – Traditionally, IT has focused on delivering a service, without much consideration its potential impact on end-users and customers. As IT becomes responsible for more customer touchpoints, it must become more customer-centric in its approach. See how one of BSG’s senior IT Strategy consultants unpacks this further.


Take a people-centric view to enable organisational change

Customer Centricity – Change management is critical for success in today’s highly competitive economy and the importance of people in successful change is often underestimated. Unpack the idea of placing people at the centre of your change initiatives with this heavily featured article.


Better intelligence?

Business Analytics – One of BSG’s analytics experts joined a round table discussion, hosted by Brainstorm magazine. In this article, James Francis unpacks the increasingly critical nature of good business intelligence in enabling business success.


Data scientist – Unicorn or Key In Providing Actionable Customer Insights

Business Analytics – Developing a better understanding of customers emerged as a key imperative in today’s highly competitive, customer-centric and fast-moving markets. Customer touch points are many and varied and to remain competitive, a company needs to meet their customers’ needs better than their competitors.


Agile's principle matters

Project Management – A lot has been written about agile principles and practices and how organisations can successfully implement agile, but what many practitioners forget, is that agile is not a set of steps to be implemented, it’s a set of principles to be applied. One of our senior agile practitioners unpacks her experience in this space.


Embracing digital disruption to drive banking transformation in Africa

IT Strategy – As digital disruption becomes increasingly prolific across all sectors, banks need to embrace the digital revolution or risk losing face with their customers as tech-innovators move in and sweep them off their feet. BSG’s head of research and insights unpacks this hot topic further.


BSG wins 947 Samsung #GoForGold Office Olympics (947 radio interview)

Wellness Events – BSG believes in being a proactive force for positive change and having a little fun while doing so! Having won the 947 Samsung Mobile #GoForGold Office Olympics, Michael from BSG chatted to Anele from 947’s Drive Show.

BSG celebrates 20 years of uncommon common-sense

African learnings – BSG celebrates it’s 20th year of being a proud, African business in 2017. For two decades BSG has been using its uncommon common-sense approach to wow its clients and their customers by simply getting the job done.


Industry joins forces with academia to ensure graduates are equipped

Investing in education – As part of our ongoing commitment to investing in local talent and skills development, BSG CEO, Greg Reis, recently attended the two-day Rhodes University Information Science (IS) Department Advisory Board meeting.


‘Do-it Day’ planned for local Leap School

Community Activism – In keeping with our commitment to education, BSG is planning a Do-It Day on 1 December 2017 at the LEAP Science and Maths School in Linbro park, where range of school improvement activities and workshops will take place.

north eastern tribune

What it takes to make it through two decades of changing trends in South African consulting

Significant Work – BSG’s Head of Knowledge, Gary Stocks, is celebrating a 20-year career in consulting and technology. Since 1997, Stocks has been a proactive force for positive change at BSG, a local company which is a credible alternative to global consulting firms.


Do-it Day workshop is planned for local Leap School

Making a difference – Youngsters from Leap 3 Science and Maths School in Linbro Park are expected to participate in a range of activities organised by BSG at the planned Do-it Day workshop.

Youngsters get upskilled

Adding value – BSG’s Do-it Day is set to provide youngsters from the school with a range of informative workshops to attend. Science feature heavily in the ICT sector and as an organisation in this sector, it is in BSG’s best interests to support initiatives that foster growth in these critical skills.

north eastern tribune

Sowing the seeds for education on Do-it Day

Seeds of success – BSG staff members working alongside Miss Earth South Africa 2017 ‘Air’ runnerup, Orielia Egambaram, planted nine fruit trees and a sustainable food garden on the school’s new campus.

north eastern tribune

LEAP schools boost learners' tertiary prospects

Tertiary prospects – BSG believes LEAP Science and Maths Schools have a critical role to play in addressing some of the pass rate shortcomings and can help develop a stronger pipeline of skilled learners entering varsity.


Powerful advice for women graduates in STEM careers

Women in STEM – Laura Poultney, BSG’s Relationship Sales Support Manager, shares her advice for female graduates looking to start a STEM-focused career.


UN calls for added support of women in STEM careers

Support for STEM women – Sunday, 11 February, marked the third official UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. BSG’s Laura Poultney encourages women and girls to pursue in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Now is the time for young South Africans to embrace global citizenship

Global citizenship – As we stand on the eve of a new dawn for South Africa, Greg Reis, Exec Chair of BSG, delivered a lecture on Global Citizenship to the young leaders and future IT business professionals of the University of Cape Town Information Systems Honours class.


Women remain underrepresented in the ICT field

International Women’s Day – Laura Poultney, BSG relationship sales support manager, adds her voice to encouraging South Africa’s female youth to actively seek out careers in STEM fields – offering advice from her enfranchising 16-year tenure at BSG.


Burn the business model

Digital disruption – Derek Martin, Principal Consultant at BSG, shares his views on the disruption of traditional business models as a result of digital transformation in South Africa.


The single view of the customer

Maximising customer relationships – Terrence Naidoo, BSG’s Head of IT Strategy, comments on the challenges faced by the South African financial services sector when operationalising the single view of customer to attempt to unlock sustainable success.



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