As an organisation which works with our clients to solve business problems using technology, BSG is a recognised partner to hyperscalers AWS and Microsoft as major platform drivers of technology and innovation in computing capability. 

BSG recognises the immense progress being made by the hyperscalers, as well as the significant investments made by our clients in these platforms. Our platform skills and partnerships allow us to engage expertly to deliver solutions that drive business impact for our clients, using the appropriate technologies investments that our clients are invested in, or recommending strategic approaches to platforms that align with the business. 


Business-led approach: We align our data analytics services with your business goals and objectives to ensure that you get the most value out of your data.

Certified expertise: Our team of certified experts has deep knowledge and experience in AWS data analytics services, ensuring that you get the best possible advice and solutions.

Agile delivery: We use agile methodologies to deliver our services, enabling us to adapt to changing requirements and deliver value faster.

Scalability and flexibility: Our solutions are scalable and flexible, enabling you to grow and evolve your analytics capabilities as your business needs change.

Cost optimisation: Your data analytics environment can be optimised for cost, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment.

Ongoing support advisory: Expect ongoing support to your maintenance teams to ensure that your analytics environment remains up-to-date, secure, and optimised.

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insight led enterprise change in healthcare

Against the backdrop of the worst global pandemic in a century, unlocking efficiencies in the healthcare sector is becoming increasingly key. Patient care is paramount and the availability of healthcare workers is crucial. But how can healthcare workers focus on what they need to do if they’re manually capturing the same information up to 32 times or spending 92% of their time on administrative tasks? Simply put, they can’t. But, by tapping into the wealth of data available the opportunities for operational efficiencies are everywhere.

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