Banks are at the forefront of driving Africa’s growth. Africa’s banks operate in a market characterised by intense competition and heightened customer expectations. What used to be an internal ecosystem primarily dominated by business and IT has evolved into a complex amalgamation of Business, IT, Functions, and data.

At BSG, we utilise our extensive African banking experience to successfully guide you through this transformational journey, utilising our insights-led approach to help you enhance both your operational efficiency and customer experiences.

How we can help you


Review and define target state customer experience transformation through insights, digital and operating model re-imagination


Deliver engaging digital experiences for your staff and your customers


Define and implement differentiating cloud-based and on prem platforms


Drive data strategy execution and achieve commercialisation of data


Deliver business value through embedding intelligence into line of business systems


Modernise legacy technology, drive technology and business simplification


Reduce cost-to-serve through iterative value-led digital transformation use cases


Build scalable on-prem and cloud based integrated custom business applications


Help you navigate the complex regulatory approval landscape

Our Approach

The BSG difference is how we work collaboratively with your staff, other consultants and within your structures to co-create, in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and build solution ownership within your organisations.

We are insight-led and will help create flow between your IT, business, functions and data areas to transform your business.

Our Engagement Values and Principles


Our pragmatic approach and experience is based on solving similar challenges in South Africa.


We integrate our findings continuously, which means insights can be identified early.

Continuous Learning

We use these insights to continuously learn, ensuring the plan remains relevant and pragmatic.


We make clear progress and agree any specific adjustments openly and with joint accountability.


We work with you and your people to build sustainable, long-term capability, tailored to your context.

We build great solutions, and to do this, we have people with industry-leading expertise.

Insight-led Experience and Thought Leadership

Insight Led Financial Distress Prediction

BSG worked with a leading South African health insurer to improve member and provider experiences and accelerate self-service solutions through an insight-led, customer-centric approach.

Insight Led Business Transformation Office

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The project aligned multiple projects, initiatives and benefits, delivering outcomes and driving business strategy, creating continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

Insight Led Enterprise Change

In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly cost-conscious. Each year, millions of Rands are wasted through operational inefficiencies, often resulting in poor customer experiences. A practical way to address this is to use available data to extract insights and use these insights to improve business operations intelligently.

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