Data and AI are at the heart of your digital transformation

Data is at the heart of South Africa's rapidly evolving business landscape. Creating impact extends beyond implementing technology, and hinges on empowering your organisation's greatest asset—your people. We believe in nurturing a mindset where data and people together not only become a strategic asset but also a catalyst for innovation and success.

This involves integrating actionable insight from AI and analytics into the very fabric of your business operations and customer interactions, creating a culture where data-driven insights lead to real-world success and where teams form part of the collective effort to achieve tangible, lasting progress for your organisation.

It is a journey of transformation from your current to your required maturity based on your strategic business objectives which we undertake together.

How we can help you


Align data strategy to business strategy, turning data into a competitive differentiator.


Wrap data around customer facing value propositions to create better outcomes.


Improve effectiveness through actionable insights embedded in software and processes.


Design and deploy modern data platforms for scalable, real-time analytics and flexibility.


Boost operational efficiency and transform workflows with advanced AI and automation.


Implement modern data governance and management structures using cloud technologies.


Use generative AI technologies to create innovative products and experiences.

Our Expertise

Data Science

Extract insights from complex data sets, using advanced analytics to inform business decisions and drive innovation.

Product Management

Align data and AI-driven products with market needs, ensuring they deliver real value and drive business growth.

UX/Product Design

Craft user experiences and products that are intuitive, ensuring that data-driven applications meet end-user needs effectively.

Cloud Engineering

Design, implement, and manage cloud solutions that provide scalability, reliability, and security for all your data needs.

Modern Data Architecture

Develop robust data architectures, capabilities and practices that enable your business strategy, ensuring data availability, accuracy, and security.

We build great solutions, and to do this, we have people with industry-leading expertise. 

Insight-led Experience and Thought Leadership

Insight Led Financial Distress Prediction

BSG used data analytics to help a leading South African bank predict financial distress, resulting in a prioritised watch list of high-risk customers, reducing the time needed to highlight financial distress from 6 months to 1 month.

Insight Led Business Transformation Office

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The project aligned multiple projects, initiatives and benefits, delivering outcomes and driving business strategy, creating continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

Insight Led Enterprise Change

In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly cost-conscious. Each year, millions of Rands are wasted through operational inefficiencies, often resulting in poor customer experiences. A practical way to address this is to use available data to extract insights and use these insights to improve business operations intelligently.

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