With over 27 years of transforming local insights into tangible value, we accelerate your competitive performance and create memorable experiences for your customers and people

Our solutions are tailored to help South African businesses thrive in an economy that is unlike any other

We pride ourselves on being true end-to-end partners, working with you, seeing strategy through to real-world outcomes. We blend business savvy with technological innovation to deliver results that matter. Our difference is experienced, highly committed, talented people who help your people to navigate complexity and grow to sustain results.



Ensure your digital investments drive innovation and create new opportunities


Data and AI are at the heart of your digital transformation


Ensure your business is future-ready, resilient, and agile

Our Engagement Values and Principles


Our practical approaches and experiences are based on solving similar challenges in South Africa.

Nurturing Talent

We're committed to helping your teams succeed and nurturing the talent of tomorrow.


We offer straightforward and actionable guidance to adapt strategies to your maturity.


We deliver practical, value-driven solutions centred around your business objectives.


We partner beyond services, we join forces with you to achieve stronger, sustainable outcomes.

how we can help you

We create and build great solutions, and to do this, we have people with industry-leading expertise. 

Our Experience and Thought Leadership

Insight Led Financial Distress Prediction

BSG used data analytics to help a leading South African bank predict financial distress, resulting in a prioritised watch list of high-risk customers, reducing the time needed to highlight financial distress from 6 months to 1 month.

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BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The project aligned multiple projects, initiatives and benefits, delivering outcomes and driving business strategy, creating continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

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In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly cost-conscious. Each year, millions of Rands are wasted through operational inefficiencies, often resulting in poor customer experiences. A practical way to address this is to use available data to extract insights and use these insights to improve business operations intelligently.

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“BSG jumps in and gets the job done. That's the collective power of BSG and one of the key reasons I will always support BSG. It's the collective power that comes out, not individuals.”

(BSG client feedback)

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