Data-led Problem Solving

Drawing on our more than 20 years of local experience and passion for quality delivery, our success consistently lies under our two core offerings – the business customer interface and the business operating platform

BSG Solutions: Using a data-led approach to solve client problems


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution in focus at BSG

How is your CRM solution creating an improved customer experience?

For over 20 years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has promised the benefit of improved customer experience. But why have CRM solutions failed to deliver on the promise of great customer experience?

We connect customer, data, technology, channel and platform, creating a single-view of customer and unlocking data-led insights.


BSG's Compliance Solution: Going beyond regulatory requirements

Data-driven compliance: How can you go beyond meeting regulatory obligations while delivering great customer experiences?

Compliance is a necessity; a must-have for legal, trustworthy business. The cost of not doing it right is high: over-investment, compliance-fatigue, disparate projects, risk of fines and reputational damage. We all understand this, but does compliance change need to be so difficult?

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