How is your CRM solution creating an improved customer experience?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution at BSG

For over 20 years Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has promised the benefit of improved customer retention, growth and acquisition, so why have CRM solutions failed to deliver on this promise?

BSG understands that CRM is a data-driven, customer-centric, connected business platform. It is much more than selecting between Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. The solution spans multiple sources of data, technologies, processes, functions and even organisations.

The right combination of people, process and systems make good customer experience happen. This is underpinned by a fit-for-purpose CRM approach.

Invested in CRM, but still not meeting your KPIs? Get your CRM solution to work for you.

  • Realise customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enable operational efficiencies
  • Meet your goals
  • Optimise profitability
  • Improve retention and reputation
  • Rapidly realise benefits through iterative value delivery

How we help

We take a pragmatic approach to help you give your customers a great experience.

  • Customer strategy execution and customer insights
  • CRM maturity assessment
  • Technology vendor selection
  • Cloud-based CRM solutions
  • Data migration
  • Platform integration
  • CRM implementation

We help you unlock insights from your data to give you a single view of customer. CRM solutions cross many business units, products and channels, and a data-led approached is needed to maximise the value of the insights inherent in your data. We are great at executing strategy and simply getting the job done.

The BSG Difference

Why choose BSG when considering an implementation and transformation partner to help maximise your customer relationship management (CRM)

With over 20-years of local knowledge, we understand the complexities of CRM Solutions and offer flexible, vendor agnostic CRM selection and design, implementation and optimisation solutions. Our delivery is underpinned by a multi-skilled collaborative approach incorporating data science and CX. By taking a data-led approach, we get the job done with you, collaborating with and growing your people.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution at BSG
Improving customer experience through CRM
Unlocking the Connected CRM
Harnessing the Power of Connected Data
BSG's track record of quality delivery
BSG’s CRM Track Record

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