Data-driven Compliance: Go beyond meeting regulatory obligations


How do you balance risk while creating great client experiences? 

Compliance is a necessity; a must-have for legal, trustworthy business. The cost of not doing it right is high: over-investment, compliance-fatigue, disparate projects, risk of fines and reputational damage. We all understand this, but does compliance change need to be so difficult?

BSG understands that compliance is not one-size-fits-all or an isolated function. It impacts many different functions, with multiple stakeholders. Business must manage the threat of regulatory fines versus the cost to implement, balancing risk while still creating great client experiences.

In the digital world, compliance is foremost a data problem.

At BSG, we know how to make data foundational to sustainable solutions. This enables us to deliver broader, better, long-term compliance that creates a frictionless organisation-wide customer experience.

BSG's compliance solution helps you balance risk, while creating great client experiences

BSG supports you to do compliance right

We are great at working with you to execute strategy, and simply get the job done: tackling the problem and progressing compliance change. 

regulatory risk and drivers for compliance

How we help you

We help you balance risk and regulations with data, people, process and technology to make compliance a frictionless element of your customer programme, and beyond. We have experience in POPIA, AML, KYC, IFRS, BCBS and IAM.

Data is foundational to the solutions we deliver. We therefore take a long-term strategic approach, ensuring delivery of sustainable, responsive solutions that support your business into the digital future.

Why choose BSG when considering an implementation and transformation partner to help maximise your customer relationship management (CRM)

The BSG Difference

Why BSG?

  • We are a trusted, independent party who can collaborate to achieve cross-functional change
  • We have the understanding and expertise in CX and data to elevate compliance initiatives to a strategic level
  • We have the best people and quality execution

With over 20-years of local knowledge, we understand the complexities of the local market and augment this with elements of global best-practice relevant to your particular context. Our delivery is underpinned by a multi-skilled collaborative approach; we get the job done with you, collaborating with and growing your people.

bsg compliance solution
Balancing compliance and Customer Experience
An insight-driven approach to compliance: How can you place your customer at the centre?
BSG's track record of quality delivery
BSG's Compliance Track Record

Talk to us about how to balance compliance and customer experience

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