Is technology making us lazy or better people?

Tech Opinion – BSG executive, Jurie Schoeman, considers the possibilities technology and connectivity lay before us and unpacks the notion of whether technology is making us better people, or if it’s simply making us lazy.


IT Personality, Visionary CIO top 10 shortlists revealed

Tech Awards – BSG’s founder and CEO, Greg Reis, was named among the Top 10 finalists in the 2015 ITWeb IT Personality of the Year awards. These prestigious awards are held annually and this is the second time Greg has been named as a finalist.


Big data and analytics a practical viewpoint

Business Analytics – Associate Consultant in Business Analytics at BSG, Steven Ing, unpacks a practical point of view on big data and data analytics in banking. Steven highlights the importance of innovation and keeping ahead of the curve in this interesting point of view piece.


Ensuring successful governance for agile projects

Project Governance – Traditionally, project governance has been rooted in antiquated, linear practices. However, as more businesses move towards implementing agile methodologies, governance must adjust in order to keep up with more fluid approaches, we outline a few critical factors in agile project governance success.


Pulling data to good use

Business Analytics – Brainstorm and ITWeb journalist Joanna Carew sat down with BSG’s Associate Consultant in Business Analytics, Steven Ing, as part of this article focused on the importance of quality data to businesses and how best to leverage the data they have.


Stop wasting time and money on failed projects

Running Lean – As more and more tech innovators enter and disrupt markets, the concept of running lean and applying a build-measure-learn thinking becomes increasingly important. BSG Executive, Jurie Schoeman, unpacks the importance of lean thinking in today’s cutting-edge economy.


Four trends shaping the UX design space

User Experience Design – UX has quickly become on of the hottest topics of our time and one of the most importance things for tech innovators to consider. One of BSG’s UX experts unpacks the four trends currently shaping UX in South Africa.


Top 5 steps to define an effective IT strategy

IT Strategy – As customers become more tech-savvy, defining and successfully executing on an effective IT strategy become increasingly critical to success. One of BSG’s principal consultants unpacks the 5 steps to defining an effective IT strategy.


Skills dearth hampers agile software development

Tech opinion – ITWeb journalist, Admire Moyo, sat down with Gary Stocks, BSG’s head of research and assurance to discuss the impact the skills shortage is having on South African companies. Gary stressed that immediate intervention is needed to address the crippling skills dearth.


Agile adoption set to grow in 2015

Agile Software Delivery – The proliferation of Agile development practices in software delivery has been a slow, but steady march and Agile methodologies are beginning to take hold in ernest. BSG’s Software Delivery Manager recently chatted to IT-Online and outlined his thoughts on the matter going into 2015.


Big data disrupts the way we do business

Business Analytics – BSG principal consultant, Clifford Warburton, joined a panel discussion focusing on the impact of business analytics and big data on the way we do business in today’s modern economy. Clifford stressed the need for businesses to be agile in the face of big data.


Embrace analytics or die

Business Analytics – BSG’s Associate Consultant in Business Analytics, Steven Ing, presented at the ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2015 where he stressed the importance of business analytics and big data in the success of modern companies. ITWeb journalist, Michelle Avenant, sums up his thoughts.

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