BSG delivered the fifth iteration of the Fast Fish Forum on 29 August 2017, which was hosted at FNB Bank City in association with RMB.

Developed in early 2016, in collaboration with Standard Bank’s Josef Langerman, the Fast Fish Forum is based on the belief that South Africa should – and could – be a leader in technology and digital change across the continent. The forum was created as an opportunity for challengers of convention and drivers of progress to come together, collaborate and learn from one another. To provide a more focused knowledge sharing opportunity, BSG worked closely with Jason Suttie, Head of Engineering at RMB’s innovation hub, Foundery.

Increasingly, businesses are seeing the role data plays in informing the business processes and technology that define the customer experience. This revelation has led to an increased focus on data, and the practices that underpin good data management and data science, but to unlock value the data needs to be combined with a wider set of steps, from the customer and business need all the way to implementation.

BSG’s Goran Dragosavac demystifies the data science cookbook

With over twenty years’ experience in applying those practices, BSG’s Goran Dragosavac, supported by Principal Analytics Consultant, Greg Desilla developed the topic for the forum: Demystifying the data science cookbook – tasty meals or disasters waiting to happen. Working closely with Suttie and BSG’s Client Engagement and Strategy Executive, Jurie Schoeman, Dragosavac and Desilla used the analogy of creating a great meal to unpack the essentials of creating the perfect customer experience, with data as the key ingredient. The interactive session looked at how to successfully meet business needs through data science projects and allowed attendees to pose questions, share their own insights and experiences and draw on the knowledge of the forum. Much of the discussion revolved around the need to start small, in order to prove value, before ramping up to bigger projects, the need for multi-skilled delivery teams to ensure success and the importance of effectively collecting and preparing data.

Opting to host the forum at FNB Bank City ensured a diverse and dynamic mix of attendees from across the First Rand Group, including FNB, WesBank, Ashburton, RMB and Foundery. Attendees ranged from data scientists and information architects to business decision-makers.

If you would like to host a Fast Fish Forum in your organisation or to find out more, contact Jurie Schoeman, BSG Client Engagement and Strategy Executive,, +27 83 302 7169. Find the forum on LinkedIn ( and follow it on Twitter (

Attendees engaging in the discussion
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