Even before the pandemic struck, wellness was firmly embedded into BSG’s culture. We recently hosted a webinar, facilitated by Dr Ela Manga, to explore the symptoms and science behind burnout and energy management.

At BSG, we recognise that our people work in high-pressure, demanding environments, and just as the COVID-19 pandemic increased pressure on employees, so we have amplified our focus on mental health. There are varying levels of response to the added pressure the pandemic has placed on people – how it affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. This pressure is created by, among others, the isolation caused by the need to social distance, adjusting to work from home, the blurred boundaries between “home” and “work” life, limited availability of childcare support and other personal life considerations.

Looking back on the past year is surreal, but one constructive change that has come about is an increased global focus on mental health wellness. We have seen increased attention on finding practical ways to create more structure and routine for work thus enabling individuals to have more relaxation, joy, comfort and a sense of balance in their lives.

We hosted the event facilitated by Dr Ela Manga titled ‘Brilliance Without Burnout’, which was open to BSGers and our partners at LEAP Science and Maths Schools and some of South Africa’s leading Universities. The purpose of this event was to empower participants to proactively manage their energy levels and avoid burnout through conscious breathing. Dr Manga is an integrative doctor, blending evidence-based medicine with ancient wisdom and principles of nature to present possibilities for a new paradigm of health for individuals and society.

Dr Manga alluded that the mental health crisis is now viewed as the next pandemic the world will confront. Many who previously saw the world as secure (and to a large extent) predictable are experiencing emotional upheaval as a result of the pandemic. This has increased stress levels and the likelihood of burnout. However, through the techniques and knowledge shared by Dr Manga, webinar attendees were left feeling empowered, inspired and equipped with practical tools they can use daily to manage their stress and avoid burnout.

After the session our colleagues and guests shared some reflections and feedback:

  • The session was absolutely enlightening and so practical to implement.

  • I am in a completely different headspace than I was an hour ago!

  • This was an incredible session, thank you so much, I love the practical advice.

  • I started out the session with a headache, and what is absolutely amazing is that I don't feel that anymore. Instead I feel lighter, I feel happier.

    Hayley LEAP Science and Maths Schools
  • It helped me reconnect and re-centre and refocus, it was really brilliant!

  • It is so encouraging to observe an organisation like BSG authentically caring for the whole person.

    Mary Mental Health Trainer

At BSG our people are the heart of our company, and this event was just one of the ways in which we are focusing on holistic wellness. The webinar complements our various mental health enablers, which include a partnership with Unmind and our own MapMyMood Pulse app, created to help BSGers track and manage their work and personal wellbeing.

We look forward to another upcoming wellness event, that will focus on enabling long-term financial wellbeing for our people.

BSG’s Holistic Wellness Enablers

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