On Sunday, 6 March 2016, a team of 30 BSG employees participated in the Hyundai Rock the Run. The event, now in its third year, saw almost 8000 participants hitting the streets of Sandton to take part in this unique mix of music and movement. With 15 music stations along the route, the race provided a powerful soundtrack to keep runners motivated.

All too often, in today’s fast-paced world, driven professionals get caught up and don’t seem to have much time for anything other than an endless cycle of “work, eat, sleep, repeat”. BSG understands that there is more to life and encourages a culture of holistic wellness.

For many years, holistic health and wellness has been a key element in BSG’s approach to employee happiness, believing that happy, healthy employees perform better and better performing employees lead to happier clients. This belief informed BSG’s decision to sponsor the Rock the Run event, understanding that a combination of social connection, the outdoors, music and movement could only have a positive effect on its employees.

Consider Bwerinofa, BSG’s People Strategy Executive shared, “BSG is incredibly proud of its employee value proposition, which is centered on empowered leadership in a fast-paced business environment. When employees are dealing with complex problems and systems every day, being fit and healthy is really important in ensuring success. BSG has a deep belief that creating a culture where all employees can ‘unlock potential and accelerate careers’ has a strong resonance with people looking to create a difference, for themselves, for their clients and for the broader communities in which the organisation operates.”

If you are inspired by the idea of being part of a team of like-minded professionals, have a look at the career opportunities in our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices.

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