Maximising customer value by cracking the silo challenge

Do you know how to break down organisational silos to create seamless internal flow for great customer experiences?

Most organisations are investing heavily into business and IT, combined with various internal initiatives, to maximise customer value—a key imperative for organisations to enable them to achieve their three to five year goals. This requires flow across the entire client value chain, by breaking down organisational silos that impact customers’ experiences.

BSG’s 20 years of experience ensures we understand the challenges faced by organisations when overcoming these silos. Delivering the required results also necessitates an understanding of how the change will impact the entire ecosystem. Too often we see meaningful work taking place independently within business areas, or being duplicated or double counted from a business case perspective.

We co-ordinate the flow across the entire value chain by driving the required internal collaboration through:

  • Core process improvements
  • Technology solutions geared to solve the needs of business
  • Data analytics

Organisations that can co-ordinate their activities and break down their silos will not only thrive but position themselves ahead of their competitors.

 Why you need to maximise your customers’ value:

  • The market is saturated and actions to drive growth with the current business model are not well known
  • Cost/effort is deployed to acquisition but does not yield results
  • A variety of initiatives have been tried with limited success
  • Retention strategies are not being optimised
  • Service/campaigns to existing customers are not being optimised
  • Understanding what it takes to retain customers is challenging

Our case studies showcase how BSG has assisted clients to maximise customer value by cracking the silo challenge in growth, driving customer loyalty, delivering a differentiated customer onboarding experience, and supporting strategic growth targets by optimising customer onboarding:

Maximising customer value by cracking the silo challenge

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case-study-1_mcvCASE STUDY: Supporting strategic growth targets by optimising customer onboarding

BSG combined customer experience design techniques and data analytics to assist a leading South African retail bank to optimise its customer onboarding process in support of strategic goals relating to customer profitability growth.

case-study-2_mcvCASE STUDY: Delivering a differentiated customer onboarding experience

A leading South African financial institution requested BSG’s assistance in designing a customer onboarding strategy to enable new customers to be brought into the organisation in a speedy, efficient and effective manner.

Our approach for maximising customer value by cracking the silo challenge includes:

We seamlessly combine data analytics with ethnographic research and strategy to enable our clients to effectively design, build and deliver the required change:

We can assist you to create a differentiated customer experience:

Our subject matter experts have in-depth knowledge and skill maturity to ensure we can identify, understand and optimise your customer insights – to drive better customer experiences.

Once we have sourced structured and unstructured data we move on to deeply understand motivators and behaviours of customers and internal talent to implement strategy based on industry trends and operating model innovation.

BSG can deliver first results in three weeks, with nine weeks for detailed statistical findings.

Contact BSG to unpack the key questions you should be considering to ensure a successful customer strategy:

  • Do you know what to do to realise value throughout your customers’ journey?
  • Are you taking a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure your people work across silos?
  • Are your strategic/customer/channel initiatives releasing value?
  • Do you have data insights to understand how customer experience impacts your business results?

Do you want to co-ordinate your activities, break down silos and create great customer experiences in your industry – read our insights below:

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