Delivering a differentiated customer onboarding experience

A leading South African financial institution requested BSG’s assistance in designing a customer onboarding strategy to enable new customers to be brought into the organisation in a speedy, efficient and effective manner.

overview of the clients needs
  • Address the customer experience through a review of the current onboarding process
  • Outline improvements to allow for an outside-in customer perspective, across the full customer value chain
  • Enable a better client experience by delivering projects with a combined Agile and data-driven approach
  • Optimise the customer experience through a more efficient onboarding design that addresses cost, revenue and compliance to ensure consistency in how this is enabled across the bank
  • Prioritise and manage investment by assessing current projects to understand their scope and contribution to the onboarding end state
  • Multi-million Rand saving opportunities highlighted due to investment duplications, resulting from detailed efficiency and effectiveness assessments, inclusive of ascertaining the impact of business cases on the onboarding project
  • Reduced technical debt, waste and duplication by consolidating onboarding activities into a single programme
  • Implemented high-level metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure effectiveness of new onboarding process
customer onboarding

Transforming customer onboarding to improve the customer experience and address cost, revenue and compliance.

Find out about our Compliance Solution

bsg compliance solution

We can help you balance risk and regulations with people, process and technology to make compliance a frictionless element of your customer programme, and beyond. We have experience in POPIA, AML, KYC, IFRS, BCBS and IAM.

Do you need to optimise your customer onboarding strategy?

With 20+ years’ experience in the banking industry and in-depth knowledge of customer experience (CX) design, BSG’s Business Consultants are well-placed to help you optimise your customer onboarding strategy and resulting experience.

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