Unlocking value through business transformation

BSG tailored an insights-led approach to assist a leading South African bank in creating and establishing its BTO. The objective was to align multiple projects, initiatives and benefits to deliver outcomes and drive business strategy. This in turn creates continuous value through effective management of benefits, demand and prioritisation.

overview of the clients needs
  • Unlock business value and shape a culture of delivery
  • Full bird’s-eye view of multiple initiatives within siloed teams and business areas
  • Ensure individual initiatives dovetail with overall strategic business objectives
  • Eliminate duplication or waste of time, effort, resources and costs
  • Creation of the Business Transformation Office (BTO) will enable further momentum across the business and in turn unlock valuable new growth opportunities
  • Ongoing measurement of project success – defined not on implementation, but on value derived post-implementation

Creating a strategic mindset by leveraging the Business Transformation Office (BTO) to enable insight-led decision-making

Do you need help guiding your strategic project prioritisation?

Let our experts analyse your strategic initiatives and put together a prioritised list of activities that will deliver maximum value into your business.

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