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A large South African bank needed to make their application landscape more efficient and remove their organisation-wide dependency on legacy systems within a finite timeframe. As part of this rationalisation and modernisation programme their group legal and litigation environment needed to transform to improve their legal practice management.

Group legal needed to undergo a holistic transformation of technology, processes and governance in line with their overall business strategy and drive towards digital transformation. This needed to be achieved by utilising innovative, cloud-based technologies which would enable auditable, accurate, productive and accountable legal processes.

Legal services within the bank were not optimised, with processes requiring human intervention and the use of a number of technology applications in the workflow. The bank wanted to create an end-to-end integrated system which would automate human processing and ensure data integrity and security through correct governance and central storage.

A large South African bank needed to rationalise their application landscape and remove their organisation-wide dependency on legacy systems within a finite timeframe. As part of this rationalisation and modernisation process their corporate investment division needed to evolve the way in which they managed transactions for their bank loan and market agreement divisions.

Transaction management relied on human processing and the use of multiple technology platforms which lengthened deal execution times and increased the risk of contractual and transactional errors stemming from human interventions. Business continuity was affected due to manual, non-centralised processing and document storage.

To mitigate these risks, and bring the division in line with existing compliance and governance structures, the bank needed to automated and centralise transaction management. This called for the integration of all legacy technology applications onto a single platform with a view of enhancing data quality and providing better insights to business, improving the customer and bank experience and enhancing business continuity.

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BSG enabled the bank to radically evolve the automation of transaction support services in their corporate investment banking division – enabling end-to-end processing and central storage of transaction management and administration documentation. The risks associated with human intervention were drastically reduced.

The cutting edge integrated technology stack was a first for this banking division transforming turnaround times, data integrity, process governance and compliance for bank loan and market agreement deal processing from opportunity to post deal management.

This solution made holistic, end-to-end reporting possible, ensuring that the business has greater visibility over the full lifecycle of the transaction management process. This positions the bank to proactively identify opportunities and risk in the future.

BSG assisted the client to reduce isolated silos through a single integrated system which centrally manages the entire lifecycle of a deal. This resulted in the identification of hidden risks associated with legacy technology and poor governance and their mitigation resulting in compliant data and processes.

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