Engagement overview

BSG engaged with the retailer over a three-week period, kicking off week one with interviews with internal stakeholders across a range of areas such as strategy, marketing and IT. BSG also reviewed the client’s broad customer relationship management (CRM) programme to assess areas such as strategy, their operating model and technology.

In week two BSG undertook in-depth discussions, doing a deep dive into technology, the operating model and the people / change areas. IT was evaluated with application owners, covering 10 application areas. A recent marketing campaign the client had undertaken was also reviewed in detail, to trace the flow of events.

In the final week validation took place, including a collaborative review of recommendations with stakeholders. Insights were applied based on BSG’s 20 years of client experience and industry research, to validate the findings and recommendations.

For the client to realise their vision, BSG recommended an enterprise view of the transformation effort. This would require removing internal silos to leverage their technology capability and data across the enterprise.
BSG recommended a set of specific activities to:
• Re-baseline the future solution vision
• Encourage involvement and co-ordination of impacted stakeholders and functions across the business
• Resolve technology challenges and prioritise investment

Making a difference

Making a difference in communities

To truly maximise customer value, an organisation needs to not only break down internal silos, the areas where these silos reside need to be identified.

BSG drew on 20 years of learning and strategic journey management to understand the client and facilitate holistic transformation, enabling the client to move away from individual capability sets towards an organisational focus.

When organisations create flow across the entire value chain, they can ensure engaging customer experiences and position themselves ahead of their competitors.

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