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A leading South African Health Insurer embarked on a journey to improve their member and provider experience and reduce costly service calls and emails. Partnering with BSG, the first step was to identify where the biggest challenges were, and then to ensure limited resources were focussed on solutions that would deliver the highest business and customer value. BSG’s extensive track-record of quality delivery, as well as a focus on an insight-led, customer-centric approach, positioned them as the ideal partner to achieve this goal. 

In order to ensure that the programme focussed on high-value problems and solutions, the BSG team collaborated in a three-phase implementation strategy:

1. Return on investment (ROI) definition and validation:

The team worked closely with business stakeholders and solution SMEs to define benefits and estimate ROI for each high-level initiative to inform prioritisation and budget allocation.

2. Empathise > Define > Ideate:

During this phase, Human-Centred Design tools and techniques were used to identify operational and customer experience problems and solutions at a more granular level of detail. This involved analysis of internal data, traditional business analysis, as well as customer ethnographic interviews. This enabled the project team to create a comprehensive inside-out and outside-in view of the issues and solutions. These findings together with the insights-led ROI estimates were used to inform solution prioritisation for the next phase. 

3. Customer experience-centred implementation

As part of this phase, the BSG team used a customer-centric, iterative delivery method. This included regular design and solution testing with customers and for prioritised solution implementation. The team was involved at every stage of implemention – from concept design to post-implementation change management. After each implementation, the BSG team, set up long-term usage and ROI tracking dashboards to ensure impact measurement and continuous improvement of each initiative.

The BSG team played a key delivery management role – facilitating the implementation process across the various phases, ensuring effective collaboration across diverse internal teams and stakeholder groups. This enabled effective achievement of defined outcomes.

Making a difference

Making a difference in communities

Through BSG’s involvement the client was able to take a fact-based approach to identifying and prioritising initiatives, as well as measuring the real impact of those initiatives post-implementation. With a 3-year ROI of R505m, the Programme boasts significant cost-savings for the health insurance provider. BSG assisted with laying a foundation for customer experience-based analysis and solution design, and a customer-centric, iterative delivery approach, involving regular user testing and feedback from both the customer and the provider.

The BSG team ensured a specific focus on quality delivery, while taking an insight-led approach, leveraging customer insights and feedback to drive success. The net result was a real impact on the client’s operational efficiency and overall customer experience.

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