Engagement overview

BSG conducted investigations, interviewing more than 65 members of the bank’s staff to gain visibility across a diverse and unaligned set of projects and initiatives (of which, it was found, there were 120). The purpose was to consolidate a single view of the key strategic projects and initiatives across the value chain and evaluate the extent to which they supported the business’s strategic objectives.

We used an insights-led approach to as quickly and efficiently as possible align projects and initiatives to the business’s core strategy. Based on this, we formulated a practical approach with simple frameworks to embed benefit, demand, and prioritisation management. 

Using the data gathered from interviews, we sought to consolidate (de-silo) projects and initiatives, aligning them to the business’s core strategic aims of compliance, new growth, stability and efficiency. This enabled us to identify any gaps, duplication, or waste of effort, costs, time and resources.

The solution included four key outcomes: 

  • Development of of fit-for-purpose digital delivery, capacity and demand insight dashboards, and an interactive workspace to support C-suite stakeholders in strategic decision-making
  • Creation of a single, centralised view of business-driven projects and initiatives to better enable business decisions 
  • Drive collaboration and coordination between silos to leverage synergies and reduce waste
  • Embed new methods and ways of work across the transformation network and shape the culture of delivery

Making a difference

Making a difference in communities

The overarching purpose of this project was to enable greater value realisation. BSG was able to ensure all non-BAU project activity was aligned with strategic business drivers and would derive value for the business. This in turn enabled the business to elevate, celebrate and reward collective success.

  • Provide a blueprint – an overarching view of the continuous value, impact and outcomes of projects and initiatives across the business
  • Actively focus on ensuring efforts are streamlined, in alignment with business strategy 
  • Increase collaboration, encouraging the value-chain to work together to achieve common goals, using an embedded process

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