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As part of a strategy to optimise and improve its end-to-end process, BSG embarked on an eight-year strategic journey with a leading South African bank. Utilising the latest .Net technologies BSG designed, developed and implemented an account origination-focused BDP solution with a more integrated and visually appealing interface. The solution was implemented across the bank’s nationwide branch network of approximately 630 branches, for its nearly eight million customers.

The project team facilitated analysis workshops to gain the insights used to develop the detailed specifications for the system. BSG ensured seamless integration into other tools and systems such as FICA, terms and conditions, risk profiling and credit scoring. With extensive experience in credit, account origination, account management and collections; BSG ensured an end-to-end view when identifying opportunities for process optimisation. Additionally, the project team created the project’s first examples of product-specific component integration, such as savings, into the overall sales process.

Phase two of the programme, initiated in 2010, included a biometric application process and a paperless end-to-end environment. The purpose of this phase was two-fold:

  • To decrease application time in specific branches from 23 to 12 minutes, through the use of biometric systems linked to the Department of Home Affairs
  • To define the process to be implemented to inculcate a paperless environment for account origination

As a result of BSG’s deep knowledge of the retail banking environment (across products and channels) it remained a preferred partner to provide analysis, software development and training necessary to assist the bank in defining and implementing a practical solution.

In addition to the delivery of the solution, the project team introduced Agile delivery methods into the programme, allowing for incremental realisation of business benefits. This also resulted in a significantly reduced number of bugs encountered in user acceptance testing (UAT) and closer collaboration between the change business owners and the change technology providers, as well as a reduction in release cycles from 12 to three months. This delivery methodology was so successful that it has subsequently been embedded into the bank’s core project delivery methodology.

BSG continues to partner with the bank, performing numerous roles across a variety of projects and domains.

Making a difference

Making a difference in communities

This project allowed BSG to develop a system that optimised the bank’s end-to-end account opening process and operational efficiencies and allowed the bank to be able to deliver an improved customer experience. Additionally, the various integration points have allowed for a significant reduction in the bank’s exposure to risk through fraudulent activities. BSG’s reputation as a leading software development consulting business has been entrenched through this project.

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