Inside-out and Outside-in: Unlocking operational efficiency and improving customer service

BSG worked with a leading South African health insurer to improve member and provider experiences and accelerate self-service solutions through an insight-led, customer-centric approach.

overview of the clients needs
  • Improve the member and provider experience across prioritised customer journeys
  • Manage costs by reducing the high volume of expensive service calls and emails received from members and providers
  • Iteratively release member, provider and operational value through continuous improvements in self-service digital solutions
  • Identify and define operational, member and provider issues driving high call and email volumes occurring during hospitalisation and claims interactions
  • Design and implement appropriate customer-centred solutions to improve experiences for members and providers, while reducing cost-to-serve
  • Increase control and the potential of success through a structured approach to governance 
  • Ensure clear return-on-investment (ROI) definition and measurement for each solution implemented
  • An estimated R500 million saving in servicing costs by reducing email and call service volume and identifying opportunities for new business
  • Improved member and provider experiences measured through customer effort scores and satisfaction surveys

Improving operational efficiency and customer experience through insight-led, customer-centric solution design and implementation 

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Unlocking operational efficiency and improving customer service