Using data science to provide actionable insights for the financial behaviour of bank customers

BSG worked with a leading South African bank to assist them to better understand their customers’ financial behaviour and spending patterns, to drive opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.

overview of the clients needs
  • Understand the client’s holistic financial behaviour and spending
  • A customer segmentation model: grouping customers based on financial behaviour, spending patterns, value to the customer and affinities to other products and services
  • Actionable insights supporting answers to key business questions
  • Provide the bank with the foundation to leverage customer intelligence and data to holistically understand a customer’s financial behaviour and spending patterns, considering the client from multiple angles
  • Using data to create actionable customer insights to help the bank:
    • Leverage, test and offer more appropriate benefits that reward desired behaviours and appropriately action undesirable behaviour
    • Improve customer loyalty, resulting in a drive to increase the number of primary banked customers
  • Better understanding and transparency of a customer’s financial behaviour across all product interactions
  • Ability to enable the platform to produce actionable customer insights by helping answer current
    and future business questions
  • Reproducible data analytics models for operationalisation and evolution

Enabling a bank’s loyalty and rewards division to better understand the financial behaviour and spending patterns of customers by surfacing where the value of their data lies in support of the loyalty and rewards programme.

Do you speak the same language as your customers? Do you want to?

Our data analytics team has the knowledge and experience to help you better understand your customers’ behaviour, desires and actions, and the capability to provide you with easy-to-implement solutions that work.

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