Assessing retailer customer relationship management to gear up for the digital future

BSG assisted a leading retailer to understand whether their customer relationship management (CRM) systems are supporting the original vision for their customer transformation programme and are ready to enable the digital, personalised future of customer interactions across all channels.

overview of the clients needs
  • Assessment of CRM and supporting systems against original vision and investment cost
  • A customer platform geared for the future e.g. accessible, personalised, enabling connectedness
  • Assess the solution fit from business, data and technology perspectives as per the original vision and scope
  • Evaluate the fit to emerging and future requirements, which have come about since the original programme was planned
  • Provide actionable recommendations
  • Future fit view on current architecture validated against a reference architecture for CRM platforms
  • Current technology architecture analysed, with specific focus areas highlighted
  • Commercial scalability outlined
  • Understanding among stakeholders – across the organisation – of what the investment has delivered, what the issues are and opportunities to realign the programme towards the original vision and emerging requirements

Review a retailer’s customer platform against the original blueprint to assess if objectives are being met and suggest recommen-dations,

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution at BSG

We help you unlock insights from your data to give you a single view of customer. CRM solutions cross many business units, products and channels, and a data-led approached is needed to maximise the value of the insights inherent in your data.

Does your customer relationship management system support your future vision?

Our expert team can help you understand whether your CRM system is equipped to enable a digital, personalised future for your customers.

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