Aligning business needs to strategy to create digital transformation in the insurance industry

BSG supported an established short-term insurer to align their operational claims needs with their business strategy, positioning them to successfully deliver a new claims workflow system.

overview of the clients needs
  • Design their future claims business operations and technology architecture
  • Align business needs with strategy to support improved customer service and operational cost rationalisation
  • Implement a technology refresh focusing on replacement of existing claims workflow system with an off-the-shelf solution, in South Africa and Namibia
  • The introduction of Agile delivery principles
  • Introduce efficiencies into the claims process, making it predictable and reliable
  • The ability to provide business critical information in a timely manner during claims processing
  • Creating a dynamic claims process where business can make changes on the go
  • Analyse the alignment of business needs to strategy and develop a roadmap detailing priorities, scope and opportunities
  • Develop an overarching business and IT solution blueprint to meet alignment, innovation and claims transformation objectives
  • Conduct an estimation exercise on the claims transformation and provide project management recommendations for effective programme delivery
  • Support the replacement of the legacy claims workflow system and processes
  • Address key compliance, technology and governance risks
  • Retain focus and momentum through embedding a new Agile delivery method
  • Aligned business and technology architecture needs with strategy, enabling increased value delivery
  • Implemented Agile delivery methods, increasing visibility and delivering quicker delivery of business benefits
  • The business and technology architecture guided a vision of the claims business into the future, enabling a baseline for process and technology improvements
  • Reduced resource intensive manual tasks with automation and process improvements
  • New project and programme structures allowed for effective management and accountability, mitigating risks

BSG provided the guiding business, technology and project architecture to bring the business vision of Agile digital transformation to life.

Is your business embraking on a digital transformation programme?

We have the knowledge and experience to support you to maximise the benefits of digital transformation in your business.

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