Harnessing news media insights to identify valuable business opportunities

BSG empowered the client management staff of a corporate bank to get enhanced business insights from quality news articles on a near real-time basis. These valuable insights cut through the information overload and gave them a competitive advantage to capitalise on potential business opportunities.

overview of the clients needs
  • Enable client management to consume quality news articles, tailored to their needs
  • Empower client management with relevant, near-real-time news at the click of a button
  • Reduce the time spent on manually searching, consuming, comprehending and sharing news
  • Develop the ability to read market sentiment and generate insights with a view of identifying and capitalising on potential business opportunities
  • Link opportunities back to bank-specific customers, sectors and countries of interest
  • On-board an external news vendor that provides premium quality corporate news for the African continent
  • Use Data Science to tag news articles with bank-specific customers, sectors and countries of interest
  • Use Data Science techniques to produce a prioritised set of news articles tailored to the client manager’s portfolio that identifies potential business opportunities e.g. mergers, acquisitions or partnerships
  • Deliver quality output on a near-real-time basis
  • Promoted efficiency by reducing time spent by client management manually finding news related to their network of customers, market sentiment and sector performance
  • The ability to identify leads and direct attention towards plans and strategies as announced in the news
  • The foundations of an in-house ability to process unstructured text information and extract insights from external data sources

BSG assisted a leading corporate bank to predict, in near real-time, whether a premium news article relates to a potential business opportunity.

Do you want to harness the insights inherent in news media to capitalise on business opportunities?

We have the knowledge and experience to support you to give your business a competitive edge.

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