Streamlining customer communication and transaction categorisation relating to cross-border payments

BSG helped a leading African bank streamline its cross-border payments allocations and subsequent customer communications using data, machine learning and robotic process automation.

overview of the clients needs
  • Address South African Reserve Bank (SARB) requirement to classify cross-border payments transactions into a balance of payment (BOP) category
  • Reduce human error and time-consuming communication process relating to BOP categorisation
  • Streamline communication process regarding inward cross-border payments received
  • Reduce manual effort required to manage email queries regarding inward cross-border payments transactions
  • Improve the service offering and associated customer experience by resolving queries faster and reducing the likelihood of customers being liable for unnecessary interest charges
  • Improve processing efficiency, and reduce response and resolution turnaround times and associated opera-tional cost
  • Create a scalable solution to service other email enquiries
  • Reduced operational cost resulting from streamlined, automated processes requiring less manual interven-tion
  • Improved query resolution and reduced turnaround times
  • Improved customer experience
cross border payment allocations abridged

Using data science and machine learning, BSG developed a model to identify relevant query emails, extract pertinent data and respond to queries using RPA

Do you want to use RPA to streamline your customer service processes?

Our Data and Analytics capability is experienced in helping our clients create value from their existing data. Through machine learning models, data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), dashboarding and so much more, we can help you unlock the hidden value in your data to enable intelligent operations.

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