Driving innovative solutions from within a leading investment bank

BSG assisted a leading South African investment, advisory and corporate banking company to develop the capabilities of their internal disruption unit to allow them to create, test and implement a range of innovative solutions to transform the experience of their customers.

overview of the clients needs
  • Build an innovation and disruption unit within the bank to develop and test solutions to ensure that the bank continues to be at the leading edge of the industry
  • Drive an innovation culture within the bank
  • Develop a digital innovation ecosystem allowing solutions to be built, tested and refined – including a solution platform, data hub and smart interfaces
  • Support digital solutions with continuous deployment and infrastructure automation to ensure development velocity
  • Support the unit in proving clear value to the business by solving specific business challenges
  • Guiding the priorities and possible solutions for their growing business needs
  • Build a unique, innovation platform where products and solutions can be developed
  • Develop an initial set of innovative solutions using leading technologies
  • Embed DevOps principles to ensure the continuity of effective development and deployment
  • Pilot a smart and automated application maintenance support solution
  • Fulfill an advisory role, guiding solutions and priorities for future innovation
  • Protect the bank from being disrupted by competitors by disrupting themselves
  • Developed the capability to consistently and effectively create innovative solutions, products and offerings
  • Creating confidence and additional investment for the innovative unit from three distinct business units
  • Increased automation, rationalising resources to deliver process efficiencies and reduced demands on personnel capacity
  • Improved customer experience by creating fit-for-purpose, self-service digital channels that add efficiencies to traditionally time and resource intensive tasks

Driving innovative digital transformation and disruption to improve customer experience and create internal efficiencies.

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