Powering large-scale digital transformation in the vehicle and asset finance industry

BSG supported a leading South African vehicle and asset finance company to design and implement an innovative, transparent online vehicle finance application tool using Agile methodology, increasing the number of successful vehicle credit applications and acting as a proof-of-concept for organisation-wide digital transformation.

overview of the clients needs
  • Respond to market disruption and changing customer needs through digital innovation
  • Deliver solutions to market quickly by transforming from Waterfall-based delivery methods to Agile methodologies
  • Empower customers with the ability to apply directly for vehicle finance online
  • Introduce innovation and transparency into the vehicle finance application process
  • Increase the number of successful vehicle credit applications
  • Support the creation of a digital innovation hub
  • Provide insights and coaching on the transition from traditional to Agile delivery methods
  • Design and implement a digital solution using Agile methodology to serve as a proof-of-concept before the methodology is implemented across the organisation
  • Design and implement an innovative digital vehicle finance application tool that would empower customers to apply for vehicle finance online
  • The online finance application tool increased the number of successful vehicle credit applications and enhanced customer experience as customers can apply for finance directly online
  • The client leveraged the lessons learnt from this proof-of-concept to roll out an improved, organisation-wide framework for Agile methodology
  • This laid the foundations for large-scale digital transformation, allowing the client to better respond to market disruption and changing customer needs
  • Business needs drive solutions, ensuring that fit-for-purpose technology increases productivity

BSG enabled digital transformation by establishing an innovation hub that created a vehicle finance application tool as a POC for Agile methodologies.

Do you need an improved frame-work for your organisation-wide digital transformation?

BSG has the knowledge and experience to power your holistic digital transformation through iterative value delivery and POCs that demonstrate the value of Agile ways of work.

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