Powering digital transformation for legal services in banking

BSG drove digital transformation of legal services for a large South African bank by implementing an integrated enabling technology stack, reducing risk, enhancing data integrity and security and ensuring business continuity.
overview of the clients needs
  • A holistic transformation to improve legal practice management within the group legal and litigation environment
  • Drive digital transformation in line with overall business strategy utilising innovative and cloud-based technologies
  • Remove dependency on legacy systems by introducing new systems and better processes
  • Maximise benefit and return for the client by understanding business needs and prioritisation of work
  • Reduce errors stemming from manual processing
  • Optimise manual processes through automation
  • Support the legal enterprise automation programme by implementing end-to-end legal practice management
  • Analyse and prioritise business needs in line with strategy and future customer and business requirements
  • Implement an end-to-end integrated operating platform integrating Box and HotDocs – developing customisation solutions as enhancements
  • Enable digital storage, tracking and reporting throughout the process lifecycle
  • Develop custom solutions as enhancements to Box and HotDocs
  • Support data migration and quality improvements bringing legal services in line with governance structures
  • Cost saving due to migration from costly legacy systems and long term productivity gains as a result of streamlined processes and the use of appropriate technology
  • Short term productivity gains due to automation and reduction of manual processing
  • Risk reduction as legal now have greater control and a full audit trail over the end-to-end lifecycle of documentation and legal processes
  • Greater ability to report and provide insights to business, identifying risks and opportunities associated with legacy technology and poor governance

Driving auditable, accurate, productive and accountable legal processes using innovative digital technology.

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