Combining Agile and UX principles in bespoke software development

BSG applied Agile development and user experience (UX) practices to develop a bespoke system to automate the debt recoveries process at a leading South African retailer.

overview of the clients needs
  • Develop a system to automate the management of the recoveries process
  • Increase the operational efficiency of the recoveries team
  • Reduce the business’ exposure to unnecessary risk
  • Automate the debt recoveries process through the development of a bespoke software system with various integration points to other systems
  • Apply Agile development practices to incrementally deliver value
  • Apply UX principles and practices to ensure the system meets the users’ needs in order to support efficiency and maximisation of the department
  • The project team ensured quality skills transfer by introducing Agile practices
  • Greater control and accuracy when processing accounts ensured an improvement in overall customer experience
  • The system enabled the recoveries team to more accurately track bad debt handed over, as well as the recovery success rate of each team, which resulted in a more empathetic and respectful engagement of customers who found themselves in a difficult financial position

Combining Agile and UX to deliver an automated debt recoveries system and reduce the client’s exposure to risk.

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