Maximising the competitive advantage gained from a holistic enterprise architecture refresh

BSG assisted a leading South African insurance and investment company to understand the full cost, risk and benefit implications of their organisation-wide, holistic transformation of core systems, which aligned to their five-year business strategy.

overview of the clients needs
  • To expand their core business beyond the traditional institutional investment products, to remain competitive in their rapidly evolving industry
  • An organisation-wide, holistic transformation of internal systems
  • A consolidated view of the transformation required, entailing an understanding of the total cost of ownership, change needed, investment required and potential benefits of the transformation
  • Guidance to ensure sound investment choices could be made, allowing for changes in direction on existing transformation initiatives
  • To create a business case that would outline the capabilities and initiatives required to support the envisaged enterprise architecture
  • Analyse current and planned initiatives across business and IT
  • Define the total cost of ownership of investing in new core systems and platforms needed to enable the holistic transformation
  • Identify potential risks and benefits that the holistic transformation would deliver for business, to aid in validating the associated costs
  • The business case allowed the client to make informed decisions about immediate investment needs as well as future planning of the transformation journey
  • The analysis revealed various unexpected potential risks in the proposed delivery plan, which aided the client to adjust their planning in time to avoid significant delays and unnecessary costs
  • This enabled the client to optimise the transformation process and formulate a new agile, iterative, value-driven approach, allowing the prioritisation of initiatives to ensure incremental progress, thus maximising returns
  • Empowered the client to implement improved processes to market value added services to customers

BSG revealed the costs, risks and benefits of transformation, enabling an iterative, value-driven approach which mitigated risk and maximised business value.

Does your organisation know how to capitalise on opportunities that the future holds? Do you want to?

We have the knowledge and experience to support you to maximize business value from an enterprise architecture refresh.

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