De-risking access control through Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)

BSG assisted a leading local insurance company to modernise, structure and simplify legacy role entitlements which span over 1000 access profiles and successfully migrated these to a cloud-based IAM target system. Reducing costs, mitigating risk and maturing both governance and compliance processes.

overview of the clients needs
  • Migrating access entitlements from a legacy source system to a modernised target system in the cloud
  • Maintaining the legacy source system as backup
  • Structuring over 1000 access profiles to ensure consistent and accurate entitlement data
  • Automatically provision and de-provision access profiles from an integrated human resources system
  • De-risk access control, ensuring that users across three business units have the correct access entitlements
  • Improve the authentication process, application, resolution, granting as well as revoking of access entitlements for all functions and systems
  • Enhance access control mechanisms across the business
  • Create a more mature internal Identity and Access Management (IAM) compliance state
  • Automate and simplify access permissions
  • Ensure a governed access entitlement process is embedded throughout the overseeing function
  • Enabling secure on-demand access entitlements to the relevant resources within the organisation
  • Mitigating potential security risks through the elimination of inappropriate user access entitlements
  • Maturing the governance process utilised for granting and revoking access entitlements
  • Automating, simplifying and modernising the entitlement management process
  • Realising huge efficiency savings over time through the resolution and elimination of existing access entitlement problems
  • Replacement of costly legacy systems in order to improve user experience

Seamlessly migrating legacy access entitlements to a Cloud Identity and Access Management  platform, a first for a leading local medical aid insurer.

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