Enabling IT to collaborate with business and shape strategy by leveraging the right technology solution

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to empower them to confidently make the appropriate investment to replace a core operating platform, by understanding the technology options available to deliver against current and future business imperatives and allow for longevity of the selection.

overview of the clients needs
  • Develop a business case including recommended technology choices in order to enable business to invest in replacing a significant legacy application
  • Evaluate the request for proposal (RFP) responses from the short-listed vendors and formulate recommendations based on these
  • Enable the business to make a significant investment decision with confidence to support future business flexibility
  • Develop a clear business strategy aligning business drivers with IT enablers
  • To deliver the strategy, build a detailed list of requirements and incorporate these into an RFP
  • Evaluate RFP responses and short-list recommended vendor solutions
  • Package and present a business case to the business, supporting the rationale and recommendations for investing in the technology best suited to the business needs
  • Seek to use the outputs of this engagement to define a business case methodology for use across the business

The recommended technology solution has the potential to:

  • Improve customer experiences by being able to introduce new products and services more effectively and enable self-help options
  • Enable IT to play a partner role to the organisation
  • Reduce costs by automating over 50% of processes, through improved decision-making and analytics
  • Reduce business risk through faster speed-to-market
  • Improve adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) by providing increased uptime
  • Reduce IT risk by defining best practice offerings such as utilising market-leading vendors and a state-of-the art core operating platform, reducing both the time for fixes and the software development lifecycle and improving system stability, reliability and up-time

Utilising fact-based decision-making for a technology investment, to ensure business strategies can be realised through an IT solution that will meet the client’s present and future needs.

Do you need to make a technology decision about a core system upgrade with confidence?

BSG has extensive experience implementing core systems and enabling business to make those decisions with confidence.

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