Utilising fact-based decisioning to drive innovation and enhance customer-centricity

Directing the design process for a mobile application to allow a bank’s customers to track, manage and protect their belongings.

overview of the clients needs
  • Ascertain if product is attractive to the market, with real potential customers
  • Enable customers to source accurate household insurance quotes through a new insurance product
  • Ensure customers can catalogue and categorise belongs through a downloadable mobile app and online portal
  • To test problem-solution and product-market fit
  • Develop usable Android application (app), downloadable with the minimum viable product features
  • Ensure app addresses needs of the customer and allows for quick real-time feedback, at low investment cost
  • Develop web-based solution to complement the mobile app
  • Reduced waste in proving whether idea is worth pursuing or not, through Running Lean approach to engage customers for feedback
  • Improved return on investment by reducing up-front investment to prove viability
  • Increased business confidence in innovation team by presenting factual data to innovation forum

Managing innovation effectively to reduce time spent on ideas not worth pursuing and providing value to customers through integrated offerings aligned to their individual needs.

Do you want to reduce costs by not wasting time on ideas not worth pursuing?

Our business consultants combine Running Lean principles with customer experience design practices to ensure your business operates at maximum efficiency by not wasting time on ideas that aren’t worth pursuing.

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