Creating structures and developing skills aligned to transforming business for a digital future

BSG partnered with the IT leadership of the world’s largest producer of synthetic fuels to define an analysis structure that enables delivery and cultivates agility and continuous learning with their business analysis execution staff.
overview of the clients needs
  • Increase business maturity, decrease project risk and equip the business for digital transformation
  • Collaborate to establish a business analysis centre of excellence that fits the current client execution environment, but accelerates delivery of results
  • Seed a culture of continuous learning among members of the client’s IT analysis teams so that they attain skills equipping them for a digital future
  • Partner collaboratively with business to support digital transformation, equipping the business for the digital future
  • Embed design thinking and enhance focus on the end-customer ensuring that solutions are shaped by customer needs
  • Identify gaps in analysis skills and delivery methodology
  • Define an agile analysis structure that equips communities of practice with supporting templates for delivery
  • Re-enforce training with on-the-job coaching on candidate projects and transfer knowledge through collaborative delivery approaches
  • Establish knowledge forums and communities of practice as a basis for continuous learning
  • Increased business maturity and deceased project risk by delivering BAs of the future, equipped with the understanding of skills needed to deliver future-fit, customer-centric, agile solutions
  • Cultivated an understanding of the skills required for business analysts in a digital future
  • Collaboratively defined methodology, tools and templates for agile analysis delivery
  • Seeded a learning culture, based on collaboration and a multi-disciplinary approach to solutions delivery

Developing business analysis skills in line with a digital future and establishing a structure and operating model to drive continuous learning.

Do you need to create structures and develop your people's business analysis skills?

We have the knowledge and experience to support you to transform your business for a digital future.

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