Unlocking marketing’s competitive edge through behavioural market segmentation

BSG worked with a leading South African hospitality group enabling them to better understand their customers’ behavioural patterns, to enhance marketing offerings and drive increased online bookings.

overview of the clients needs
  • Tailor offerings to customers based on their unique behavioural characteristics
  • The ability to translate customer data into insights that drive effective marketing campaigns that increase bookings
  • Removal of data barriers that limited the ability to utilise rich existing data
  • Creation of a single view of their customers’ behaviour
  • Marketing spend needed to be optimised for optimum return on investment
  • The ability to generate new insights from their customer data on an ongoing basis, long after the engagement with BSG ended
  • Enrich, enhance and consolidate disparate customer data sets into a single view
  • Gain insights into existing market segments and identify previously unknown market groups and the opportunities they present
  • Enhance and tailor service offerings, increase online bookings and drive sales based on customer insights from existing rich customer data
  • Enable better returns on marketing spend
  • Create reusable data analytics models in the customer’s technology for future use
  • Deep understanding of customer behaviour and valuable market segmentation as a result of that
  • Empowering the hotel group to continue generating new customer insights after the conclusion of the engagement
  • The ability to run effective marketing campaigns to the customer segments identified that address revenue generating opportunities
  • Increased efficacy of marketing campaigns to show better return on investment

Driving effective data-led marketing campaigns, enhanced offerings and increased bookings through customer insights.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution at BSG

We help you unlock insights from your data to give you a single view of customer. CRM solutions cross many business units, products and channels, and a data-led approached is needed to maximise the value of the insights inherent in your data.

Do you want to get the most out of your data?

We have the knowledge and experience to produce enhanced customer insights that deliver tangible results from your existing disparate data.

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