Creating a common home loan application process for a leading South African bank to reduce turnaround times and improve customer experience

BSG enabled a market share gain in home loans for the client and enhanced the customer experience, through system and process efficiencies resulting from a decrease in handover points and a reduction in home loan turnaround times.

overview of the clients needs
  • Enable an efficient application process, focused on customer-centricity
  • Create a consistent customer experience and application processing functionality across products and channels
  • Decrease applications processing turnaround time for home loans
  • Develop a tool to manage home loan application processing and bond origination
  • Develop an optimised end-to-end process, focused on customer-centricity, that can firstly be applied to home loans and ultimately across the enterprise
  • Reduce turnaround times for the processing of home loans by improving operational efficiencies and creating a customer-centric focus
  • Improved customer experience resulting in customer advocacy
  • Significantly reduced handover points resulting in fewer inefficiencies
  • 80% reduction in turnaround time

Driving increased customer satisfaction by reducing inefficiencies and introducing customer-centric processes.

Do you need to optimise your business operations, reduce costs and improve customer experience?

At BSG, our Business Consultants are trained to effectively evaluate current processes, identify areas for improvement and develop proactive, strategically-aligned roadmaps for implementation to ensure seamless delivery of value and an improved customer experience.

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