Building a competitive advantage through POPI compliance and minimising the risk of data loss

BSG partnered with a South African asset finance house to ensure compliance with the POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act and enable them to safely handle personal information flowing through the value chain including staff, vendors and customers.

overview of the clients needs
  • Understand the inherent risks of the POPI Act and the impact on the client business areas and partners
  • Ensure implementation and compliance with the POPI Act, while managing the risk of non-compliance
  • Ability to identify, process and protect customer’s personal information at minimal cost
  • Provide clear approach and project direction
  • Provide a roadmap of initiatives for execution to ensure POPI compliance
  • Supported system development and change management of execution recommendations
  • Reduced cost of compliance through simple and effective data practices
  • Ensured simplicity of solution through a risk-based approach
  • Increase customer confidence that the organisation is POPI compliant
popi compliance

BSG took a risk-based approach – tailoring the solution to prioritise high-risk areas in the organisation, with the resulting work providing a template for roll-out across the client group.


bsg compliance solution

We can help you balance risk and regulations with people, process and technology to make compliance a frictionless element of your customer programme, and beyond. We have experience in POPIA, AML, KYC, IFRS, BCBS and IAM.

Do you need support to ensure compliance with incoming regulation?

Our business consultants are able to prioritize and batch compliance projects to misimise disruption to business as usual, ensuring reduced impact on customer experience.

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